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I've tried to make this site as easy to read and navigate on as many browsers as possible. I test it fairly regulraly on Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Navigator, Opera, iCab and MacLynx. It seems to work fairly well in all of them. Lynx, of course, doesn't display the graphics, which are moderately important, but other than that, most browsers should handle these pages pretty well.


there are several ways to navigate these pages. One of the most obvious is the menu. It should appear at the top and bottom of the page and will look something like this:

Each item in the menu ("Home", "Intro", etc.) should be an active link. On newer browswers, the entries should change color when the mouse is moved onto or off of them. The "Home" item should take you to the splash page for this site.


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The pictures used to illustrate the styles and artists reviewed here are all copyrighted by their respective creators (or their estates) or publishers and are used without explicit permission. I've done what I can to keep that use within the definitions of fair use.