The Adventures of La Maupin

Front Matter

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Preface


  1. Her Early Life
  2. Marseilles
  3. On the Road
  4. Brussels and Beyond
  5. Return to Paris
  6. Footnotes


  1. Maupin Sources
    1. Fetis, Biographie Universelle des Musiciens
    2. Salmonson, Amazons II
    3. Compardon, L'Academie Royale de Musique au 18e siecle
    4. Bits and Pieces from the Web
  2. More Maupin Sources
    1. Rogers, Gallant Ladies
    2. Clayton, Queens of Song
    3. Sadie, New Grove Dict. of Opera
    4. Beaumont, The Sword and Womankind
    5. Colombey, Histoire Anecdotique du Duel
    6. Salmonson, The Encyclopedia of Amazons
    7. More from the 'Net
  3. Maupin Sources: Parfaict
    1. Parfaict, Dictionnaire des Theatres de Paris
    2. Parfaict, Anecdotes Dramatiques
  4. Maupin Sources: Gilbert, Women In Men's Guise
  5. Maupin Sources: Dautheville, Julie, Chevalier de Maupin
  6. La Maupin Time Line
  7. Maupin Roles
  8. Master Of Horse
  9. On Translations
  10. Gautier's Mlle. de Maupin
  11. Modern Day la Maupins
    1. Amanda from Highlander
    2. Julie, Chevalier de Maupin mini-series