The family, per se, doesn't keep much of a Home Page. Jim's page more or less serves that purpose. This area contains a number of miscellaneous sections that were moved over here largely for reasons of disk space.

The bits and pieces that get stored in this area include:

This section consists of pages that we use primarily to communicate with fellow genealogists and family members regarding the parts of our family tree that we are currently collaborating on. It is not a complete representation of the state of our current knowledge. That is found in our GEDCOM file, to which the section contains pointers.
FuRPiG logs
The logs of Jim's weekly FuRPiG role playing game for about the last decade. The logs from the first 10–12 years are over at Evelyn Holmes's site.
"The Great Duel"
This is the only page we ever did documenting the occurrences at a series of murder mystery weekends. We meant to do more, but.... It focuses on the duel fought between Jim's and Dave Scheifler's characters in "A Whitecliff Christmas" which was set in 1760.