Note: There are a large number of abbreviations in this document. We have tried to transcribe them as accurately as ASCII and HTML will allow rather than translating them into the full words. Some of them may be obscure, such as the one that looks something like "peS", which we take to be "poles", the measurment usually called "rods" today, being 5.5 yards. There is a table of these abbreviations at the bottom of this page and the abbreviations are hot links to the table entries. Many browsers will pop-up balloon or tool help if you leave the mouse cursor pointing to the word for a couple of seconds.

Prince Geo: County

By Virtue of a warrant granted out of his lordships land office to his Excy
Saml Ogle Esq. governor of Maryland for five thousnad acres of land
bearing date by renewment march 7 1732 & this made returnable wth
all convenient speed & on the third day of april 1739 made special &
by his sd Excy assigned to Doc: Geo: Stewart of the City of Annapolis etc.
Therefore certifies as deputy surveyor of Prince Geo: County under his sd Excy I have
Carefully laid out for and in the name of him the sd Geo: Stewart all that tract of
land lying in Prince Geo: Coty called Andersons Delight and beginning at a bounded
Hickory standing above the plantation of John Elswick sen and the plantation
of Wm Anderson on the top of a hill and running thence East one hundred peS
then South eight deges east one hundred twenty four peS then south forty three
deges West sixty peS then south eighty two deges west two hundred thirty six peS
then by a straight line to the beginning tree containing & now laid out for
two hundred & twelve acres of land to be held of Conegochiege manr: surveyd
this 24th day of Octr: anno Domi 1739
D A Dout Sur of
Prince Geo: County

  Anderson's Delight      
212 @ ------------      
by a Scale of 100 equall parts in an inch
No Course peS
1 East 100
2 So 8 E 124
3 So 43 W 60
4 So 82 W 236
Then to the beginning

Abbreviations used
Abbr. Word
Geo: George
Excy Excellency
Saml Samuel
wth with
Doc: Doctor
sd said
Coty county
sen senior
Wm William
peS poles
deges degrees
manr: manor
Octr: October