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Here's our transcription of the 1802 Isaac Boudeman/Peter Blue deed of 1802 as found in the Northumberland County Courthouse in Sunbury during our 2006 trip:

Isaac Boudeman
& others,
Deed to
Peter Blue

Know all men by these presents that Whereas Isaac Budman of Mahoning Township Northumberland County Deceased Obtained a Warrant from the Honorable Proprietaries of the then province of Pennsylvania dated the 11th September 1773 for 300 acres of Land adjoining land of Frederick Maus on the west Branch of Mahoning Creek in the Township aforesaid. We therefore the legal Heirs of the aforesiad Isaac Budmand that is Isaac Budman, Jacob Budman, George Budman, Catharine Karshaddon formerly Catharine Budman and Elizabeth Woodside formerly Elizabeth Budman Hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and Sell convey and Confirm unto Peter Blue of the Township and County aforesaid a part of the said warrant right Begining at a pine a corner of Frederick Maus Land thence South two and one half degrees East fourty one perches to a post, thence South eighty seven and one half degrees West ninty seven perches to a Grubb, thence South two & one half degrees East twenty four perches to a post, thence North eighty five Degrees West eighty five perches to a pine, thence north one and one half degrees West Sixty perches to a Stump, thence North eighty eight and one half degrees East one hundred and Eighty three perches to the place of Beginning, Containing Fifty eight acres Sixty four perches Strict measure for and in Consideration ofthe Sum of One hundred Sixty nine pounds ten Shillings well and truly paid the Receipt and payment whereof is hereby acknowledged Together with all and Singular the woods, Ways, Waters, Courses, Priviledges, appertenances whatsoever thereunto belonging, or any wise appertaining To have and to hold the above described Tract of Land To the only benefit and behoof of the said Peter Blue his Heirs and Aſsigns forever: and further the said Isaac Budman, Jacob Budman George Budman, Catherine Korskaddon, and Elizabeth Woodside for themselves their Heirs and Aſsigns Doth Covenant promise and grant to and with the said Peter Blue his Heirs and Aſsigns against them the said Isaac Budman, Jacob Budman, George Budman, Catherine Kerskaddon and Elizabeth Woodside and their Heirs and against all persons whatsoever Lawfully claiming by from or under them or either of them will Warrant and forever defend. In Witneſs whereof the Parties to these presents have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and Seals dated this seventh day of April one thousand eight hundred and two. Isaa Boudeman (Seal) Jacob Boudman (Seal) George Boudeman (Seal) Katharine (her X mark) Carskadon (Seal) Elizabeth (her Y mark) Woodside (Seal) Witneſs Present at Signing William Montgomery Archible Woodside. Received April 16th 1802 of the within named Peter Blue the Sum of One hundred pounds by us Isaac Boudeman Jacob Boudeman George Boudeman, Wm. Carskadon, Archible Woodside. Northumberland County ſs. Personally appeared before me the Subscribers One of the Justices of the peace for the said County Isaac Budman, Jacob Budman, George Budman, Katharine Kerskaddon and Elizabeth Woodside and acknowledd the above conveyance to be their Act and Deed and desired it might be recorded as such according to Law. Witneſs my Hand & Seal April 7th 1802. William Montgomery (Seal)

Recorded the 26th Day of January 1803. JP(?) Jose(ph) Simpson Recorder

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The following two images are taken from digital photographs we made at the courthouse. I'v scaled and color enhanced them for readibility.