This section of our web site documents Selma's Claypool ancestors. The Claypools were among the very first settlers of Philadelphia. In fact, James Claypool was one of the nine men William Penn named as incorporators of the Free Society of Traders, and treasurer of the Society.

Selma's most recent ancestor bearing the Claypol name is her g-g-g-g-grandmother Elenor Claypool, the daughter of John M. Claypool, Sr.GEDCOM at WorldConnect, who was the instigator of Claypool's Rebellion, a short-lived counter-insurgency that arose during the American Revolution over taxes levied to support the Colonial troops. His grave is the first one listed below.

At present there are two main pages in this section, the most recent of which branches off to a number of subsidiary pages.

They are as follows.

The Miller-Claypool Cemetery Map (2006)

This page documents our examination of the Miller/Claypool graveyard during our 2006 trip to Hardy County. It centers around a clickable map of the stones at the south end of the graveyard, all of which appear to be Claypool-related.

The stones we examined and recorded are as follows:

Between this trip and our previous visit in 2004, someone had attempted to restore the graveyard. They added 4 modern stones, and moved one stone (which I take to be a fallen footstone) into line with the original 5 standing Claypool headstones.

Claypool Grave sites (2004 version)

This page documents the five standing headstones that we photographed during our first visit to the Miller/Claypool graveyard—the three clearly labeled headstones, and the two weather-defaced headstones listed first in the list above. You can also see the spot where the fallen footstone was before it was moved and labeled.

Claypool Grave Gallery

These four pages contain 640x480 versions of all the pictures we took on both trips. The originals are larger and if you would like access to them, please contact us.

Cemetery Location

The location of the cemetery is shown in the maps below:

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A map showing the path up to the cemetery can be found in my "Miller-Claypool Cemetery" map on Google maps. Viewing it in satellite mode will make it clearer.