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Appendix B: Big Toys

Autodoc -
Grand Asclepius, Hygeiadyne Corp. of Earth
lp 2 million, 500 kg, heals best 2 of 3d6
  • 70% sentiency rate, 20% sapiency rate
  • pre-programming for all Terran races & commonly associated ETs (Rioli, Mota Banu, Blenari, Threenaleens, races of Philippia, Tamindar, the Jack)
  • self-updating and self-upgrading (i.e., ambitious)
  • genetic analysis, extrapolation, engineering
  • cryptobiosis & storage
  • speed detoxification & disinfection
  • plastic surgery & speed cosmetic mutation
  • cortical I/O (for anesthesia, analgesia, lie detection & some psychiatric care)
  • score imprinting (two scores per patient):
    • psilence or open psi (3d6 hours, 3 psi pts)
    • anoxia (3d6 hours, 3 x END vs 1 hit pt)
    • radiation (2d6 days)
    • heat or cold (1d6 days, 3 x END vs 1 hit pt)
    • heavy metal poisoning (2d6 days, 3 x END vs 3 nrv pt (nausea))
    • electrical shock (3d6 hours, 3 x END vs stun)

Projective Teleport -
XPT-600 "Bungee," Isenner Tachyonics Corp. of Capek
lp 3 million, 50,000 km range
  • contemporary (2553) cutting-edge teleport technology
  • one 4-ton projector unit
  • two one-ton projector frames (armillary style, 8-meter diameter)
  • two armored space-vans (complimentary, 3.5 x 3 x 5 meters, 400 kph max air)
  • requires continuous power to hold frame ready for recall (at a level the Nones cannot supply, though Cantrel's big ships or the Baron Munch can)

Transilience Driver (aka "Jaunt Cannon") -
Arges 7000, Burning Salt, Inc., of Capek
lp 5 million, 30,000 km range
  • contemporary (2553) cutting-edge TK technology)
  • one 3-ton driver, 8 x 5 m dia. cylindrical launch chamber
  • four 20-kg focus setters
  • six flight suits (complimentary, vacuum-tight)
  • one guppy in a suspendable sealed sphere with lifecycler (complimentary test subject)
  • passengers lose 1d6 nrv pts until they crit on 3xNRV (vertigo & disorientation)
  • cannot penetrate airtight barriers; payload drops at barrier or bounces back
  • foci moderately conspicuous on instruments; transition VERY conspicuous
  • maximum transit time ~1 second (0.1c)
  • power requirement too high for Nones but not for Cantrel's ships or the Baron Munch

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