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Daniel Davison and Margaret Low

Daniel Davison was born in 1630 in Scotland. He immigrated in about 1651 to Massachusetts. He died at the age of about 63 in 1693.

Daniel Davison (aged about 27) married Margaret Low (aged about 25) on Monday, 13 April 1657 o.s. in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Margaret Low, the daughter of Thomas Low and Margaret Todd, was born in 1632 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Their children were:

Research Notes:

Margaret Low was from Ipswich, MA.

From AHD--
Daniel is NOT Daniel the son of Nicholas. THAT Daniel b. c. 1650-1

Daniel was probably a lowland Scot in Cromwell's army transported to America as
an indentured servant. He probably came over in about 1651. By 1661 he was a
landowner (farm of 110 acres in Ipswich). In 1666 He signs a petition in
Ipswich. In 1667 he purchases land from Richard Hubbard and builds a house.
Peter and Thomas move to Preston, CT (c. 1694) soon after the death of their
father (1693).

Ipswich V. R. list Daniel and Margaret m. 8 April 1657

Birth order and dob conjectural on several children.

Daniel b. ~1662, William b. ~1664, John b. ~1666
Peter m. 6 Jan 1695-6, Elizabeth m. 23-March 1681-2
Bridget may be Elizabeth. Bridget appears only in will. Elizabeth does not.
Daniel Reddington (of Beverly) is son of John & Mary (Gould).
Ann Morgan is dau. Joseph Morgan
Nicholas Williams is son of John & Martha (Knight)

William's gravestone is in Hamilton. Says he died 1730 age 66. May have died

Daniel was a victim of Cromwellian victories over the Scotch Covenanters
1650-1. Taken prisoner at Dunbar, Scotland 3 Sep. 1650, Worcester, England 
3 Sep 1651, or some battle in between. At Dunbar 10,000 prisoners were taken,
5,100 wounded were paroled. About 2000 were transported, 1500 to Ginea and
about 200 to New England. Daniel was probably taken at Dunbar and indentured,
working 3 days for the master (?Lynn Iron Works) and 4 days for himself. Freed
when he paid off the price the master paid, about 6-8 yrs.