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Nathaniel Holmes and Mercy Faunce

Nathaniel Holmes, the son of John Holmes and Sarah Thomas, was born in about 1643. He died at the age of about 84 on Tuesday, 25 July 1727 o.s. in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts (locale uncertain).

Nathaniel Holmes (aged about 25) married Mercy Faunce (aged 16) on Sunday, 29 December 1667 o.s. in Plymouth, New Plymouth Colony.

Mercy Faunce, the daughter of John Faunce and Patience Morton, was born on Thursday, 10 April 1651 o.s. in Plymouth, New Plymouth Colony. She died at the age of 80 on Friday, 11 February 1732 o.s..

Their children were:

Research Notes:

According to Stratton, Elisha 2nd m. 4 Nov 1719 o.s. Susanna Clark, and Mercy
died 11 February 1731/2.

TO DO: Get children's info from Stratton.

IGI lists Nathaniel as b. 1643 and 1640.

It isn't clear that Nathaniel is really our John Holmes' father.

Nathaniel built a house on Court St. Plymouth, MA (standing in 1883.)

Mercy Faunce may have been b. 1650. (from the IGI) Mercy's name is spelled
"Mersey" on John's, Nathaniel's and Mercy's ("Mersey's") IGI birth record.

Patience and Matilda aren't in IGI. Their source is the Falmouth book, which is
known to be pretty shakey from this point back.

Sarah listed as b. 20 Oct 1680 and 2 Oct 1680 in IGI.

Torrey Collection:

    Nathaniel Holmes & Mary Faunce  Dec 29, 1667    Plymouth        MD 18:56
        -1727, a 84     1651-1732   Reed (1956)         Giles Mem 18~~
                                                        Morton 23 (1907) ~19
From Julie Bryn
    Natianiel Holmes (1643-July 25, 1729 [?-you have 1727]) married Mercy
    Faunce on 12/29/1667.  They had 7 children: Elisha (b 4/19/1670), Mercy
    (b. 9/10/1673), Natianiel(b. 11/10/1676), Sarah (b. 10/2/1680), John (b.
    4/17/1682), Elizabeth (b. 4/25/1686), and Eleazer (b. 10/16/1688).  John
    went on to marry Sarah Church in 1709, and Mercy Ford in 1711.  John &
    Mercy also had several children: Desire (b. 1712), John Ring, Marry Ann
    (b. 9/2/1713), Peleg (or Pelig-?) (b. 9/28/1715), Josiah (b. 12/15/1716
    d. 12/12/1782 in Kinston, MA), Deborah (b. 1/17/1718), Jonathon (b.
    8/29/1719), Mercy (b. 11/13/1725), and John (b. 6/22/1730).
    Josiah went on to marry Ruth Cook; they had (in addition to 12 others,
    including 1 set of twins), a son named Simeon (b. 2/27/1741). According
    to my info, Simeon married a woman named Mercy (Ford) Weston.  So, I'm
    not sure which Mercy Ford you have included in your line.