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Joseph Alanso Barnes and Eva Bomar

Joseph Alanso Barnes, the son of Isaac Carlos Barnes and Mary Elizabeth Hutchins, was born on Wednesday, 4 November 1885 in "on Willow Creek", Pierce County, Nebraska. He died at the age of 56 on Sunday, 26 April 1942 in Wheatridge, Jefferson County, Colorado. The cause of death was suicide (CO poisoning). He was buried in Arvada Cemetery, Arvada, Jefferson County, Colorado.

Joseph Alanso Barnes (aged 24) married Eva Bomar (aged 18) on Wednesday, 7 September 1910 in Plainview, Pierce County, Nebraska.

Eva Bomar, the daughter of John Curtis Bomar and Maggie Slater, was born on Sunday, 4 September 1892 in Pierce, Pierce County, Nebraska. She died at the age of 82 on Monday, 30 December 1974 in Arvada, Jefferson County, Colorado. The cause of death was cancer. She was buried in Crown Hill cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, Colorado.

Their children are:

Wilma and John have 3 kids:

Wayne and Deloras have 4 kids.

Waldo and Gwen had 3 children:

Waldo Barnes second wife was Marie Maag, whom he married on March 9, 1946 in California. Their child is:

Research Notes:

According to PLB:

Eva died later than 1973, and before 1978.

Ronald was born after Waldo and before Wilma (1912-1916) and died young (about 1 years.)

Waldo died in Los Angeles.

According to Deloras:

Waldo did not die in LA. He died in San Leandro 22 May 1969.

James M. Barnes's mother, Marie wanted to name him John Wayne Barnes, but she promised a friend that she could choose the name and the friend chose James Milton.

Joseph and Eva married at the bride's home.