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Holmes Jonathan Davison and Katherine M. Sheridan

Elder Holmes Jonathan Davison, the son of Gould Nelson Davison and Matilda Mahala Holmes, was born on Friday, 6 May 1853 in Pereaux, Kings County, Nova Scotia. He died at the age of 69 on Friday, 15 December 1922 in Stockton, California.

Holmes Jonathan Davison (aged 24) married Katherine M. Sheridan (aged 21) on Thursday, 28 February 1878 in Lockhartville, Nova Scotia.

Katherine M. Sheridan, the daughter of Thomas Sheridan and Lois Clare, was born on Wednesday, 27 August 1856.

Their children were:

The family moved to Missouri sometime between 1898 and 1902. Leo was left behind in Somerville, MA. He lived with Mrs. Traver who was Tamzan Ardella Davison's 6th daughter or possibly with Mrs. Florence S. Fisher, who was Gould Nelson Davison's grand-daughter (and Mrs. Traver's sister?). [AHD: Florence is Mrs. Traver's (and Leo's) cousin] The Fisher's founded Fisher Jr. college.

According to Nina, Glenn and Ada had two children, Elinor Davison Switts (who lived in Washington, DC in 1953) and Marilyn Davison Mortimore (Lamour, IA as of 15 Mar 1953).

Nina was buried in Indepenence, Missouri. She was a member of the LDS church. Bicco died at about 16 years, never having matured. That would be about 1906.

According to AHD:

Holmes Johnathan was educated at the Acadia Academy.

Nina was a stenographer residing in MA at the time of AHD's book. [ADB says that Nina was more than a stenographer, she was an executive secretary.] Thinks that Holmes and Katherine may have been born in 1877.