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Jim & Selma Burrows

Thomas Low and Margaret Todd

Thomas Low, the son of Giles Low and Cicely Firmin, was born in 1605 in England. He died at the age of about 62 on Sunday, 8 September 1667 o.s..

Thomas Low (aged about 25) married Margaret Todd (aged about 33) on Tuesday, 22 June 1630 o.s. in Polstead, Suffolk.

Margaret Todd, the daughter of Ananias Todd and Bridget Thompson, was born in about 1597.

Their children were:

Research Notes:

First Ipswich record of Thomas is in 1641

According to AHD--

Thomas (father) 2nd m. Susanna ____ 
Margaret (mother) bp. 23 Nov 1597, Polstead

Margaret (Dau) b. ~1634-5, Thomas b. ~1631-2, John b. ~1630, Sarah m. ~1663.
Corrected to Margaret bp. 17 Jun 1632, Boxford, John bp. 2 Mar 1633-4
John 2nd m. Dorcas ?, 3rd m. Anna ?

Both AHD and IGI list Margaret Low's mother as both Susanah Low and Margaret
(Todd) Low. AHD concludes that Susanah is Margaret's step-mother, and that she
was named after her mother.

IGI lists Margaret as b. to Thomas Low & Susanah in 1639, Ipswich MA
and as bapt. (dau. of Thomas Low and Margaret Todd) 17 Jun 1632, Ipswich, MA
it also lists Thomas son of Thomas Low and Susanah, b. 1632, Ipswich, MA