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Jim & Selma Burrows

Thomas Burrows and Martha Lowell

Thomas Burrows, the son of Mr. Burrows, was born in about 1829 in Vermont. He died at the age of about 39 in about 1868 in Illinois. The cause of death was the effects of army life.

Thomas Burrows married Martha Lowell.

Martha Lowell, the daughter of Mr. Lowell, was born in about 1830 in Vermont.

Their children were:

William Henry Burrows was born on July 25 1864 (or possibly 1865), probably in Fulton, Illinois. He left home at the age of 14. According to him, his father died at the age of 38 after two years' illness. He did not know the specific cause of death, but listed the general cause as Army life. It seems probable that Thomas served in the Civil War, probably in the Union Army. According to Helen Burrows Carlton, William Henry's daughter, his father "died in the Civil War when WHB was three". This would mean that Thomas was born in about 1829.

William Henry had three siblings--two brothers and a sister. The sister appears to be the oldest. Martha was 30 and 32 when William Henry's brother's were born. If Martha was about the same age as her husband, they would have been born in 1860 and 1862. I'm guessing that the sister was born two years before that. She died at the age of 34.

Martha (Lowell) Burrows remarried a man named Knott.

Research Notes:

Check the Illinois state library for farm maps for Thomas and Martha Burrows.

According to Gam (Grace Harriet Stull Burrows), William Henry Burrows's father was also William Henry, and was married to a Lowell.

According to Cathy Cramer, W. H. Burrows's father was Thomas Burrows, who was married to Martha Lowell. Martha (Lowell) Burrows remarried a Knott.

The 1890 census for William Henry Burrows list his parents as born in VT.

According to Cathy Cramer, Wm H's gradfather (or more likely his great- grandfather) was the immigrant. He was supposed to have been the eldest son of an Irish Catholic lord who married a Protestant girl and was disowned. The Protestant wife was said to have stood at the manor with babe in arms in hopes of being seen by the Lord. She never was. After a time the son decided to emmigrate to America.