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John Davison and Elizabeth Babcock

John Davison, the son of Thomas Davison and Hannah Tracy, was born on Sunday, 23 May 1708 o.s. in Preston, New London County, Connecticut and was baptized on Sunday, 10 July 1709 o.s.. He died at the age of 91 in September 1799 in Falmouth, Hants County, Nova Scotia.

John Davison (aged 27) married Elizabeth Babcock (aged 20) on Thursday, 5 February 1736 o.s. in North Stonington, New London County, Connecticut.

Elizabeth Babcock, the daughter of James Babcock and Sarah Vose, was born on Thursday, 25 August 1715 o.s. in Stonington, New London County, Connecticut and was baptized on Sunday, 28 August 1715 o.s. in Stonington, New London County, Connecticut.

Their children were:

Research Notes:

John (the father) died in about Sep 1799

Nathaniel's death date is approx. John bp. 22 Apr 1739. Said to have married an
Italian lady. James alive in 1811. Grace b. 10 Jul 17xx, m. 1769. The Payzants
are a prominent Falmouth family. Christopher b. before Feb 1781. David Shaw b.
16 Apr 1745, d. May 1777. Sarah 2nd m. Jacob Burnham (d. c. May 1784), before
1779. 3rd m. Joshua Smith (1764-1854). Sarah's Children--Elizabeth, Peter,
Grace and David Shaw, and Jacob and William Burnham.

The Falmouth book lists John and Elizabeth m. 5 Feb 1736. IGI lists 5 Jul 1730.
The Falmouth book lists Elizabeth's birthday as 25 Aug 1715 ("about 1 ye clock
in the morning Thursday").

IGI lists 25 Aug 1713. 

A.H. Davison lists Elizabeth's birthday the same as the Falmouth book. He also
lists her bapt. 28 Aug 1715 AHD lists John and Elizabeth m. 5 Feb 1736.

I have chosen the date of 25 Aug 1715 for Elizabeth's birthday because in the
1700s the difference between the old-style Julian calendar and the new-style
Gregorian was 11 days. Thus by modern reckonning the day called 25 Aug would
realy be 5 Sep, and 5 Sep 1715 fell on a Thursday. The Gregorian calendar was
accepted in England in 1751, and thus if the date was originally given as "25
Aug" it would be in the old-style calendar. (Of course if Wheeler corrected the
dates when he transcribed the original sources in the 19th century, this isn't
valid reasoning. See her father's entry for more on Wheeler and his role in the
genealogy of the Babcocks.)

From AHD--
Elizabeth (dau.) bp. 22 Jan 1737. She was the "oldest daughter".
Timothy bp. 9 Nov 1740.
John (son) bp. 22 Apr 1739

Reports a rumor of another daughter:
    Teresa m. John Burnham, Children:
        John Jr., Jacob, Mary
    2nd m. _____ Smith, child--Margery
    3rd m. Peter Shaw (Bro of David), children: 
        Peter (d.y.), William, David, & Some girls

Teresa may be Elisabeth he thinks. (But she married George Stewart.) 
The Shaws were from CT.

John and brothers sold CT. property and moved away 10 Jul 1739. John returns to
CT. 25 Oct 1745. John goes to NS 1760 (lot 45).

Information from Mrs. Dorothy K. Stewart (North Stonington Historical Society)
11 Princess Lane, North Stonington, CT 06359:

    Elizabeth Babcock m. John Davison 5 Feb 1736 (Same as AHD and Falmouth