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Peleg Holmes and Abigail Bradford

Peleg Holmes, the son of John Holmes and Mercy Ford, was born on Wednesday, 28 September 1715 o.s. in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He died at the age of about 80 after 2 December 1795.

Peleg Holmes (aged 25) married Abigail Bradford (aged 21) on Saturday, 4 October 1740 o.s. in Kingston, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

Abigail Bradford, the daughter of Ephraim Bradford and Elizabeth Brewster, was born on Saturday, 28 February 1719 o.s. in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. She died at the age of 71 on Monday, 13 September 1790.

Their children were:

Peleg b. 1715, will dated 2 Dec 1795. Peleg (the son) d. 1771. Nathaniel b.1757. Mary 2nd m. 27 Jan 1785 Elisha (or Elishama) Eldridge.

All the births but Lucy's listed in IGI.

The 'Yarmouth Genealogies' newspaper series lists Abigail Bradford as d. 1790, age 75.

Ruth Gardiner Hall lists several diferences from the information listed here: