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Jim & Selma Burrows

James Lowell Burrows and Ann Katherine Davison

James Lowell Burrows, the son of Lowell Anderson Burrows and Grace Harriet Stull, was born on Sunday, 4 May 1924 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

James Lowell Burrows (aged 23) married Ann Katherine Davison (aged 22) on Saturday, 17 April 1948 in Newton, Massachusetts.

Ann Katherine Davison, the daughter of Leo Eldridge Davison and Katherine Emily Trites, was born on Sunday, 26 July 1925 in Newton, Massachusetts.

Their children are:

According to Jim Burrows, the son:

My parents met while they were in high school in Newton, Massachusetts. In 1942, my father went to Northeastern University. In 1944, he volunteered for the Navy and served as a radar technician on the aircraft carrier the USS Phillipine Sea. He was discharged in 1946 and returned to Northeastern. He graduated in 1947 with a BS in physics, having minored in English Literature. The same year my mother graduate with a BA in Fine Arts from Wellesley College.

Their first apartment was at 173 Newbury Street in Boston. In 1951, when I was born they lived at 123 Riverside St. Watertown. We next lived at 110 Oak Street in Natick, Massachusetts. In 1953, we moved to 553 Common Street, Dedham Massachusetts, where my parents rented what had been the gate keeper's cottage on the estate of the Chick family. My paternal grandmother, Grace Burrows, whom we called Gam, lived with us in Dedham while I was very young. She then moved to Connecticut to live with my aunt Betsy and her first husband Graeme MacLeod. Both Katey and John were born while we lived in Dedham. In 1960, my parents bought a house on Prospect Street in Norwell, Massachusetts. The house was known as "High Winds", and at the time that they bought it, the houses on Prospect Street were unnumbered. In the late 60's Prospect Street was numbered, and ours became 126.

My father is an electronics engineer. Early in his career his specialty was in radar. Later he became involved in computers. His first job was with General Communications. He worked there for 4 years. Next he worked at LFE--the Labratory For Electronics--until about 1967. In the spring of that year he was laid off just before we were to take a vacation to the Bahamas with long time friends of the family, the Bertelsens. I expected the vacation to be called off. (It was their third Bahamian vacation, and the first on which I was invited.) My father managed to get rehired within a week of getting his 30 day notice, and thus while we were on vacation he was actually being paid by two companies. He worked for Honeywell from 1967 through 1969.

After graduating from Wellesley my mother worked in the personnel offices first of Gilchrest's department store and then Harvard University. She left Harvard in 1951 to have me. She became quite involved in politics. She was active in the League of Women Voters, being the president of the Norwell chapter and serving on the Massachusetts state board. In 1964 she was elected to the Norwell School Committee, and was reelected in 1968. In recent years she has been a real estate agent and a Librarian's assistant in the Merrimack school system.

I attended first the Dedham Country Day School for three years, and then the Dedham public elementary school for first grade. In the year that I entered the second grade they declared that the first and second grades would be combined. As a result my parents sent me to the Dexter School for Boys in Brookline, Massachusetts. When the family moved to Norwell I entered the Norwell public school system. I graduated 4th out of about 100 people, and was accepted to Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio in 1969.

In January 1970, my father went to work for Sanders in Nashua, New Hampshire. In June 1970, the family moved to Baboosic Lake Road, Merrimack NH. Again the houses were unnumbered when they bought it. Eventually it became 190 Baboosic Lake Rd.

Katey and Peter have two children:

John first married Victoria "Torey" Hawks on Saturday, 2 June 1979 at the YMCA chapel, Manchester, New Hampshire. He joined the Army within a few weeks. They were divorced a couple of years later.

John's second wife, Dianne, has two children. They are:

Research Notes:

Jim's baptismal date is based on everyone's memory that he was baptized in a green snow suit, so it must have been winter, probably early in 1952, before his first birthday. Katey was baptized in the summer.