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Thomas Davison and Hannah Tracy

Thomas Davison, the son of Daniel Davison and Margaret Low, was born in 1668. He died at the age of about 56 on Wednesday, 2 December 1724 o.s. in Preston, New London County, Connecticut.

Thomas Davison (aged about 27) married Hannah Tracy (aged 18) on Thursday, 28 November 1695 o.s. in Preston, New London County, Connecticut.

Hannah Tracy, the daughter of Jonathan Tracy and Mary Griswold, was born on Sunday, 8 July 1677 o.s. in Preston, New London County, Connecticut.

Their children were:

Research Notes:

According to the Falmouth book--

    Thomas b. 1668. Hanah b. 1677. "Thomas Davison and Hannah Tracy of
    Preston, CT" Johnathan b. 30 Aug 1697 in Griswold, CT or Ipswich MA, d.
    in 1751/1752 at Preston CT. Four of Johnathan's children were Falmouth
    grantees (Johnathan, Cyprian, Samuel and Keziah Davison Randall).
    Margaret d. sometime in Aug 1725. Hanah 2nd m. 3 Jan 1754 Joseph Witter,
    Jr. of Preston, CT.

IGI has Johnathan b. 30 Apr 1697 in Preston, CT and 30 Aug 1697

According to  A.H. Davison--

    Thomas bought land in Preston, CT 16 Aug 1694, and sold his land in
    Ipswich on 1 Nov 1694. John's birthdate in his own entry is 23 May 1708.
    In Thomas's it is listed as (23) June 1708. Thomas & Hannah m. 18 Nov
    1695. Johnathan d. 1753.

    Hannah (presumably the mother) 2nd m. 29 Oct 1728, Daniel Geer Sr.
    Johnathon bapt. 25 Dec 1698, First Church, Preston, CT, d. 1753
    Margaret bapt. (not b.) 8 Mar 1699, d. 31 Aug 1727 or last of Aug 1725
    Thomas (the son) bapt. 7 Mar 1702-3 
    Christopher bapt. 28 Jun 1706 
    John bapt. 10 July 1709
    Hannah bapt. 13 Apr 1712
    Samuel bapt. 16 Oct 1715

    Thomas, the son died before 19 Jan 1742, and m. 31 Aug 1726, Lydia

AHD has 5 Tracy pedigrees (pages 89-95). The text of entry from each of the
pedigrees is listed in the supplemental data for the coresponding ancestor.
When there is a conflict between the pedigrees, I have listed both alleged
ancestors in the supplimental information under the chosen ancestor.

AHD Tracy pedigree #4

Hannah Tracy of Preston m. Thomas Davison, son of Daniel Davison (1630-1693) of
Ipswich Mass. 

AHD Tracy pedigree #5

Hannah H. Tracy, b. 1677, m. 1695, Thomas Davison, son of Daniel Davison of
Ipswich, Mass. 

The five pedigrees are as follows: (approximate transcriptions from AHD)

Pedigre #1 was carefully prepared by the late Dr. Dwight Tracy, of Hartford
Conn., and New York City from a study of pedigrees found in  "Graphic
Illustrations with Historical and Descriptive Accounts of Toddington,
Gloucestershire, by John Britton, F.S.A., London 1840" and from original
sources. [p. 90]

Pedigree #2 was based on John Britton's 1840, "Accounts of Toddington",
modified and amplified by Pedigree CVII, Browning's Americans of Royal Descent,
p. 422, 1894 and using Richard Tracy as the accepted grandfather of Lieut.
Thomas Tracy, 1610. [p. 91]

Pedigree #3 is "Lieut. Thomas Tracy's Lineage, showing French Royal Descent".
    (Pedigree LI, Browning's, 1894, Americans of Royal Descent, p. 203) [p. 92]

Pedigree #4 is "Lieut. Thomas Tracy, lineage to William the Conqueror, King
of England"
    (Pedigree CCVII, Browning's Americans of Royal Descent, p. 698) [p. 93]

Pedigree #5 is "Americans of Royal Descent: Pedigree No 86 with lineage of
Hannah H. Tracy, b. July, 1677, who m. Thomas Davison, 28 Nov, 1695, and note."

The Note is:

    "Sir Paul Tracy, Bart., eventually came into possession ofthe manor of
    Stanway. He was created a baronet, 29 June, 1611, by King James I, being
    the thirteenth created from the institution of the order. He m. (I) Anna,
    daughter and heiress of Raffe (Ralph) Sharkerly of Ayne-On-the-Hill,
    county of North Hampton, by Alice, daughter and heiress of Hugh Radcliffe.
    This wife died in 1615." He had twentyone children by his first marriage.
    He died in 1626 and was succeeded by his son (Tracy Gen., 1898, p19).

The fifth pedigree also says that Sir Paul's ninth son, Thomas, b 1610,
emigrated to America, 1636, settling first at Salem, Mass; 1637 to
Wethersfield, Conn.; one of the grantees of Norwich, Conn., where he settled in