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John Anderson and Martha Roult

John Anderson, the son of James Anderson and Priscilla House, was born on Friday, 4 March 1803 in Anderson's Bottom, Hampshire County, Virginia. He died at the age of 84 on Tuesday, 3 January 1888.

John Anderson (aged 25) married Martha Roult (aged about 20) on Tuesday, 20 January 1829 in (Hocking), Ohio.

Martha Roult, the daughter of James Roult and his wife Abigail, was born in 1809 in Ohio. She died at the age of about 38 in 1847.

Their children were:

According to GENEALOGY of the Anderson Family:

Letter from John Anderson to James H. Anderson

... Continued from the entry of James Anderson ...

I was married to Miss Martha Roult, the 20th day of January, 1829, in Hocking County, Ohio, on her father's farm, which was near my father's farm. We had nine children, Francis Marion, Minerva Jane, Charles Wesley, Thomas James, John Milton, Susan Ruth, Levi Roult, Ellen and Margaret.

You are the last of your father's house, I am old and will soon pass away. I was born the 4th day of March, 1803, at our Ancestral home in Virginia and hence will be 84 on the 4th day of March, next.

My father's family Bible which I have not in my possession, would give you the dates and items of importance which I do not recall. My brother James, has told you where it can probably be found. My father was a mathematician and engineer, and in addition to his other military duties he superintended the construction of most of Wayne's forts.

Your affectionate Uncle, John Anderson

The writer of the above genealogy of the Anderson family died January 3rd, 1888, aged 84 years and 10 months. He first came to Marion, Ohio, in 1826. He then paid a visit to his brother the late Judge T. J. Anderson. While on that visit he went to Upper Sandusky, Ohio, to see the Wyandot Indians. He removed to Marion County and settled on the farm near Marion which he owned at his death.

Research Notes:

The DAR Lineage Book entry for Ella Anderson Blue lists her mother's dates as 1809-47. This does not correspond to the most obvious interpretation of the 1850 census data, and we have no primary sources corroborating the date. 1847 is also the date she lists for the death of her grandmother, Priscilla House, and thus there may be some confusion of the two.

The 1850 census lists the following for John Anderson's household:

        Scott Township          Marion, Ohio            July 29,1850

        John Anderson   47   M  Farmer  2000    VA      
        Francis M. "    20   M  Farmer          OH
        Thos. J.   "    14   M                  OH
        Susan R.   "    12   F                  OH
        John M.    "    10   M                  OH
        Levi       "     8   M                  OH
        Nancy E.   "     5   F                  OH
        Margaret   "     3   F                  OH
        Mary M.    "    4/12 F                  OH
        Mary Ann Bushy  18   F                  OH

This listing leaves out two of the children that John mentions in his letter: Minerva Jane and Charles Wesley. It also lists an Anderson child that he does not mention, the 4 month old Mary M. It seems likely that Minerva and Charles are between 15 and 19 years of age and were no longer living at home at the time of the census. I have assumed this to be the case and have assumed that John's list of his children was intended to be in chronological order. (This is true of the remaining children except for the reversal of John and Susan.) I have therefore assigned Minerva and Charles ages of 18 and 16 respectively.

If Mary M. is the daughter of John and Martha, then Ella's DAR record must be wrong and Martha didn't die until 1850. On the other hand, she could be his daughter by someone else or the daughter of Francis. I am currently accepting the dates from the DAR records, and assume that Mary was not Martha's daughter.

The 1880 census for Ella Anderson Blue lists her father born VA, mother born OH
The 1900 census for Ella Anderson Blue lists her father born VA, mother born VA
The 1910 census for Ella Anderson Blue lists her father born VA, mother born OH

According to Cathy Cramer:

Ella Anderson's father was Capt. Thomas Anderson, who served at a Confederate prison during the Civil War. The Andersons lived at Anderson's Bottom in Hampshire county Virginia (now in West Virginia?)


"Anderson's Bottom" is given as the place where a pirate named Anderson buried his treasure.

Hocking county records give the marriage date as Jan 7 then the 7 is crossed out and replaced with "19". No details are given. John himself, in the letter below, gives the date as 20 Jan 1829.