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Jim & Selma Burrows

Lowell Anderson Burrows and Grace Harriet Stull

Lowell Anderson Burrows, the son of William Henry Burrows and Iona Belle Blue, was born on Wednesday, 4 November 1891 in Belle Plaine, Benton County, Iowa. He died at the age of 46 on Monday, 24 October 1938 in Newton, Massachusetts. The cause of death was tuberculosis/pneumonia. He was buried in Oak Hill cemetery, Belle Plaine, Benton County, Iowa.

Lowell Anderson Burrows (aged 25) married Grace Harriet Stull (aged 24) on Monday, 27 August 1917 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Grace Harriet Stull, the daughter of Frank Elmer Stull and Grace Elizabeth Chapin, was born on Friday, 27 January 1893 in Chicago, Illinois. She died at the age of 96 on Friday, 10 February 1989 in Lea Manor, Norwalk, Waterbury County, Connecticut. The cause of death was old age.

Their children are:

Elizabeth Burrows first married Graeme Macleod in 1940, with whom she had three children. They were divorced in 1966. She married second Robert Benchley jr. He died in 1988. She married third to "Rocky".

The Macleods

Judge Fredrick Macleod was born on Prince Edward Island. He was a naturalized citizen of the US. He came to Harvard University on a scholarship which he had received for being the top student for four years at Dal Housie College in Nova Scotia, wher he had majored in Latin and Greek. He was a Democratic State Senator, chairman of the railroad commision, and the public service commisioner, and went on to become a Superior Court justice.

Fredrick Macleod married Elizabeth Connor, who was a legal secretary.

Their children are:

Elizabeth Burrows' second husband, Robert Benchley, jr. ("Bench") was the son of Robert Benchley, the humorist and brother of Nat Benchley, the novelist. The Benchley family tree in part looks like this:

The Benchleys

William (Robert, Robert) Benchley was the immigrant Benchley.

His children were:

The Benchleys -- Henry Wetherby Benchley

Henry Wetherby Benchley, born 20 February 1822 in what is now Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, died 24 February, 1867 in Houston, Texas. He married first Julia Ann Goddard, 9 May 1845, in Middlebury, Massachusetts.

She was born 25 April 1822, in Milbury, Massachusetts, died of consumption 30 July 1854, at 43 Salem St., Worcester, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Nathaniel (Samuel, Benjamin, Benjamin, William) Goddard and Rhoda Gale.

Their children were:

Research Notes:

I have seen the family grave site in Belle Plains. There is one large central stone. On one side (the North?) is carved the name Burrows. On the other side the name Blue is carved above the name Noble. There are three smaller stones to the North? and four in the opposite direction. All of the stones but that of Dr. Noble are of the same style. His is larger and simpler.

The cemetary records indicate that there are two unmarked graves in the plot--those of Thomas C. Blue and his wife Winnie Taylor Blue. It would appear that neither was cremated. Records indicate that Lowell, Wm H. and Alice were cremated, but Alice's grave is marked with wire as if her body were buried there.

The stones are arranged thus:

          EPN  ABN  JDB  EAB


           IBB  WHB  LAB (TCB) (WTB)

The inscriptions read:

            Dr. E. P. Noble / 1868 - 1904 / At Rest
            Alice Blue Noble / 1871 Peterson 1962
            Father / John D. Blue / 1844 - 1930
            Mother / Ella A. Blue / 1844 - 1939
            Iona Blue Burrows / 1868 - 1936
            William H. Burrows / 1865 - 1946
            Lowell A. Burrows / 1891 - 1938

Iona's grave is also marked by two metal markers--one for th DAR, and one for the PEO.