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Peleg Holmes and Mary Trefry

Capt. Peleg Holmes, the son of Nathaniel Holmes and Abigail Kimball, was born on Friday, 15 April 1785 in Central Chebogue, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. He died at the age of 71 in December 1856.

Peleg Holmes (aged 20) married Mary Trefry (aged 19) on Tuesday, 31 December 1805 in Central Chebogue, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia.

Mary Trefry, the daughter of Joshua Pitman Trefry and Elizabeth Kenney, was born on Tuesday, 1 August 1786 in Central Chebogue, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. She died at the age of about 34 in about 1821.

Their children were:

From the Falmouth book--Capt. Peleg b. 1785, m. Mary Trefry 1806. 2nd m. Mary Lockhart (between 1822 and 1828).

Children of Mary Trefry--Peleg b. 1806. Abigail b. 1808. Kendall b. 1810, 2nd m. Sarah Elder (b. 1822, b. 14 Sep 1896). Mary b. 1812. Joshua b. 1814. John b. 1814. Harriet b. 1816. Matilda b. 1818. James b. 1822. Tenth child unnamed, died in infancy.

Children of Mary Lockhart--John b. 1828. Grace b. 1829, 2nd m. Capt J. Whitman Holmes. Almira b. 1830. Daniel b. 1833. Lydia b. 1835 Ruth b. 1837. George b. 1839. Ruth A. b. 1842. Hazeltine b. 1844. Mary E. b. 1846. Nelson b. 1847.

From IGI--Mary Lockhart m. 1821 and James and 10 are hers. George b. 17 Nov 1839. Ruth A. b. 8 Feb 1842. Hazeltine (F) b. 18 Feb 1844. Nelson b. 1848. Mary Trefry born in 1789 and 1 Aug 1786. Her daughter Mary born in Hantsport and Central Cheborgue both on 16 Jul 1812.

I have a mysterious note that "Abigail b. 3 Jul 1808". Can't find source on this. /s/JLB

From the newspaper series 'Yarmouth Genealogies'--Abigail b. 30 Jul 1808. Peleg & Mary Trefry m. Jan 1806.

AHD: Lists Peleg m. Mahala Travoy Matilida d. Feb 1902, Independeance, MO When Matilda was 2, her mother died. She went to live with her grandmother. When she returned 10 years later after the grandmother died, her father had married Miss Emery Lockhart. [from E.B.B.] Lists: Abigail Kimball, Mary, Joshua, James, John William and George Levi. Peleg Holmes had the following children by his second wife Mary Lockhart: