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We're off to see the Wizard...

Week 9, Completing the Pantope

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When last we left our heroes, they were completing negotiations and sand acquisitions for the Silverwood Pantope.

We pick up Chris, Ashleigh, and Marsina, who must have gotten lost in the trees. We have all the paraphernalia and materials that we need to make the pantope.

This leaves the group doing the following:

Alag and Chris are helping the Mage build the pantope on Meta-New Hierow.

Marsina, Dafnord, Ashleigh, and Jake are staying on Meta-New Hierow learning magic, doing body-building, hunting, fishing, tracking, and all those neat skills. Dafnord is thrilled that this vacation is active duty, and is quite pleased with serving in the JCTO.

Cantrel is off with Isiah Treadwell building up the triangle trade in the Jack system between our friends in the factories, the Jack, and our new allies on Nereus.

This all takes sixteen months.

The Mage manages to make a door that can slow down and speed up time excellently. We manage to get the intelligent pattern running the navigational system excellently. The basic enlarge/reduce spell that he uses for the containment housing is competent, but nothing more. The permanency spell that he uses to bind the whole thing together, though is superb. Additionally, the "push" energy supply he gave us is 00'ed.

The life support system that Chris made produces diamond as a waste product (the C has to go somewhere from the CO2). The container can either produce diamonds, or diamond coat things.

After a year and a day, the Silverwood Pantope is complete. It has a couple of unfinished rooms, and there's a small supply of wood to make more in the place. The Mage builds a 2-channel inter-pantope system, that works with sound on one channel, and telepathy on the other. Chris builds a two-way audio communication system based on dicing.

During the process of building, we also come up with teaching him about chameleon circuits, and he builds camouflage for the pantope doors. Also, the base continuum in the pantope is something of a hybrid of the Co-Dominion and Hreme.

[Also, we need to actually build the maps of the place. It's 4000 square feet, and we need a layout built.]

Now, once again, we must ask the magic question -- Now what?

Created: 24-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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