Jim Burrows

Email: Jim.Burrows@Eldacur.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jimburrows


Hands-on VP and Software Development Manager, Systems Architect, Engineer and Researcher experienced in software, secure communications, networks, human factors, consumer electronics, information systems and operations. Career spans pure and applied research, design, advanced and product development, systems management and technical operations.


Researcher / Chief Engineer, Eldacur Technologies / Personified Systems — 2015–2016

Conducting research into machine ethics: “How can systems that behave as if they are persons behave in a manner that is worthy of our trust?” Research in ethics, AI and “personified systems.”

Consultant / VP of Engineering / VP of Advanced Development, Silent Circle LLC — 2012-2015

Started by building a feasibility prototype of the secure texting app, Silent Text, and went on to build and lead the Engineering, QA and Release Engineering teams during Silent Circle’s startup phase; Led Advanced Development of desktop systems & agile methods.

Software Architect / Adv. Projects Manger / Consultant, F4W Inc. — 2007–2008, 2010–2012

Designed, then led an international team to build, secure communications (text, voice, file, & alerting for iOS, Android, web & Windows) for a company specializing in communications for first responders. Coded a majority of the web client in JQuery Mobile. Represented F4W at the Coalition Warriors Interoperability Demo.

Consultant, Eldacur Technologies — 2006–Present

Various including both Personified Systems and F4W, above, and:

Managing Partner / Director of Development, At-Hand Apps LLC — 2010-2014

Led the technical team, (Web, iOS, and Android development), designed and developed the Ruby on Rails/SQL-based web application and server. Was a founding member of the management team and the managing partner on the compensation committee.

Principle Engineer / Technical Operations Manager, TV Guide On-Screen, 1996-2006

Did the initial protocol and server redesign, & detailed server design of TV Guide On Screen, and was one of the server developers. Once the first release was built, took the role of Technical Operations Manager, responsible for a network of 800 second tier-servers driving a network of 10,000,000 end-user devices.

Co-Founder, World Benders Inc. — 1992–1995

Designed and developed the server portion of Meeting Space, an early and innovative on-line meeting tool based on textual virtual reality technologies.

Principle Engineer, Digital Equipment Corp. — 1976–1996

Pioneered Usability Engineering, developed the Eve text editor, led the DEC end of the Apple/Digital joint development team, built two advanced development prototypes that resulted in strategic engineering projects, designed the inverse-T arrangement of the keyboard arrow keys, was the primary author of the original User Interface Architecture for VMS/DECwindows.


Hiram College, Hiram, OH, B.A. in Philosophy. Magna Cum Laude with departmental honors. Minor in Social Psychology. Phi Beta Kappa.


Team building & leading, software design & architecture, user interface & graphic design, usability engineering, software & web development, C, C++, Javascript, SQL, Ruby/Rails, agile methods.

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