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Jim & Selma Burrows

James Anderson and Priscilla House

Capt. James Anderson, the son of Thomas Anderson and Mary Bruce, was born on Wednesday, 17 February 1768 in Anderson's Bottom, Hampshire County, Virginia. He died at the age of 76 on Thursday, 24 October 1844 in Ohio.

James Anderson (aged about 27) married Priscilla House (aged about 19) in 1796 in (Hampshire), Virginia.

Priscilla House was born in about 1777 in (Hampshire) Virginia. She died at the age of about 70 on Saturday, 7 August 1847.

Their children were:

According to GENEALOGY of the Anderson Family:

Letter from John Anderson to James H. Anderson

... Continued from the entry of Thomas Anderson...

My father was James Anderson, second son of Capt. Thomas Anderson. He was born February 17th 1768, where his father was born, on the Anderson Bottom, in Hampshire County, Va. He died October 24th, 1844. He entered the Cavalry service as a Second Lieutenant, or more properly speaking, Ensign; aided in putting down the Whisky Insurrection, and afterwards served under Gen. Anthony Wayne, until his (Wayne's) death, in December, 1796. He was a gallant and meritorious officer, and for meritorious service and gallantry was made a Captain.

I have seen his three commissions, that of Ensign, Lieutenant, and Captain. He was a member of the church of his ancestors until he settled in Ohio, and then became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church simply because there was no Episcopal Church in his neighborhood. He removed to Fairfield County, Ohio in 1806 and settled on his farm there on the 7th day of April the same year.

He was united in marriage in Virginia to Miss Priscilla House, by whom he had eleven children, ten of whom grew up and married. They were Levi Henshaw, Thomas Jefferson, John and Mahala (born on the old place in Virginia) and Elizabeth, James Madison, Ruth, Rebecca, Hiram and Priscilla, born in Ohio.

My mother (Priscilla House), the wife of Capt. James Anderson, died on the 7th day of August, 1847, seventy years of age. My father was an upright citizen and a soldier of undaunted courage.

... Continued in the entry of John Anderson ...

According to GENEALOGY of the Anderson Family:

the last paragraph of the above letter adds:

My father was a mathematician and engineer, and in addition to his other military duties he superintended the construction of most of Wayne's forts.

Research Notes:

The dates and spouse of James Madison Anderson are taken from the DAR Lineage book entries for Mrs Edith Johnson Miner Deaver and Mrs. Lillian O. Van Schaick Miner. The name of Thomas Jefferson Anderson's wife is taken from the DAR Lineage Book entry for Mrs. Mary Princess Anderson Orton.

The IGI gives Thomas Jefferson Anderson b. 2 Apr 1801

Obscure reference in my hand: Deeds Book 13 page 226

According Iona Jones Burrows, James's son, son-in-law, and 17 grandchildren fought on the side of the North in the Civil War. General Robert Anderson (of no attested relation) when he was a major commanded Fort Sumter.