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Joshua Pitman Trefry and Elizabeth Kenney

Joshua Pitman Trefry was the son of John Trefry and Hannah Pitman.

Joshua Pitman Trefry married Elizabeth Kenney on Wednesday, 2 January 1782.

Elizabeth Kenney was the daughter of Nathan Kenney. She died in about 1831.

Their children were:

Research Notes:

The IGI lists children both for Joshua Pitman Trefry and Elizabeth Kenney and
for just Joshua P. Trefry. Joshua P. had a daughter named Lydia in the same
year that Joshua Pitman had a son Joshua P.

Joshua P. Trefry had the following children...

        Lydia Trefry    1788    Central Chebogue (Yarmouth), NS
        Mary Trefry     1789    Central Chebogue (Yarmouth), NS

Most of this info is from the 'Yarmouth Genealogies'. It also lists...

        Elizabeth Kenney 2nd m. Margaret (Frost) Randall [Huh?! Lousy notes!]
        Elizabeth 2nd m. Lepton Falkner
        Joushua P. (the son) 2nd m. Lavinia Crowell (a widow)
        James 2nd m. Sarah (Hicks) Tedford

When Mary's daughter Matilda was 2, Mary died. She went to live with her
grandmother. When she returned 10 years later after the grandmother died, her
father had married Miss Emery Lockhart. [from E.B.B.]