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Jim & Selma Burrows

Heman Foster Trites and Katherine Heyer

Heman Foster Trites, the son of William Budd Trites and Elizabeth Foster, was born on Friday, 2 May 1856 in Moncton, New Brunswick. He immigrated on Wednesday, 1 August 1866 to Portland, Maine and was naturalized on Tuesday, 3 March 1891 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was buried in a different cemetery from his wife, South Portland, Maine.

Heman Foster Trites (aged about 24) married Katherine Heyer (aged about 24) in about 1881 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Katherine Heyer, the daughter of Martin Oliver Hyer and Mary Spelman, was born in February 1856 in Calais, Maine. She was buried in a different cemetery from her husband, South Portland, Maine.

Their children are:

Research Notes:

According to ADB, RED Wood, and Bev Amazeen:

Katherine Heyer was born around 1854 or 1855. 
Ruth Davison remembers her as being c. 42 when Katherine Trites was born. 
Katherine Emily Trites writes on the back of a picture of Katherine Heyer that
she was about 41 (originally she wrote 40, but a 1 overstrikes the 0) when she
(Kate Trites) was born.

Katherine Emily's birth certificate is believed to read "Emily Katherine".
Charlotte's birth certificate is believed to list her race as black.

George and Bessy died young.

Charlotte was called "Aunt Lotty". Charlotte was 13 years older than Kate. (She
may have been 8-Nov and Kate 7)

Harry was two years older than Lotty. Thus he was probably born in 1881. Bev
and George Amazeen remember Harry dying in 1941-2, Ann Davison Burrows
remembers it as being in 1943, when she was in college.

Marion was 2 years younger than Lotty. Thus she was probably born in 1885.
Arthur Nash was from Portland, ME.

Katherine Heyer almost became a nun but she had no dowery.

George Amazeen b. Chelsea, MA, d. 6 or 7-Jan-1981.

Evelyn had spinster cousins named Anna + Loua.

Someone in the family was named Dorety.

The 1900 census lists Heman Foster Trites as living at #86 Albion St, Boston,

Heman Trites naturalization papers list his name as Heman W. Trites, and give
his address as of 3 March 1891, as 1 Poplar Court, Boston, Massachusetts.