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Jim & Selma Burrows

Robert Louis Brown and Phyllis Lavelle Barnes

Robert Louis Brown, the son of Arthur Willis Brown and Beatrice Helen Risser, was born on Tuesday, 30 May 1922 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado and was baptized in about 1958 in a Presbyterian church near Loveland, Ohio.

Robert Louis Brown (aged 25) married Phyllis Lavelle Barnes (aged 24) on Sunday, 2 May 1948 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado.

Phyllis Lavelle Barnes, the daughter of Joseph Alanso Barnes and Eva Bomar, was born on Sunday, 29 July 1923 in Englwood, Englwood County, Colorado.

Their children are:

Research Notes:

Robert Brown graduated from South High, Denver, Colorado. He graduated with a degree in metalurgical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 1944. He served in the Navy from 1944 to 1946. He worked for Sylvania, General Electric, NASA, himself, and SUPSHIP CNR USN. He is now retired.

Phyllis graduated from high school in Canogo Park, California. Phyllis worked for the US government (at Remmington Arms and then the War Assests Administration), and Sylvania Electric (from 1948 to 1951).

Paula graduated from Berea High School, Berea Ohio. She graduated with an Associate of applied science (data processing) from Thomas Nelson Community College in 1978. She has worked for Peninsula Data Service Center since 31 Jul 1978.

The Browns lived in the following places:

    May 1948    149th Street, Flushing (Queens), New York
    Sep 1950    Marshall Ave, East Meadow, Long Island
    Feb 1956    Schenectady, New York
    1 Jul 1956  1418 Brewster Ave, San Jose, California
    >Sep 1957   "Entrance to Spooky Hollow Rd.", Montgomery, Ohio
    1958 or 59  Box 675P, Townsley Drive, Loveland, Ohio
                [Kids lived with grandmother in Wheatridge Colorado]
    1960        1689 Clovis Ave, San Jose, California
    Aug 1963    636 East Ave, Brunswick, Ohio
    1964        Brook Park, Ohio
    ~Jul 1966   23016 Cedar Point Rd, Brook Park, Ohio, 44142
    1970        [Exit Selma]
    May 1973    493 Nelson Drive, Apartment 15, Newport News, Viginia, 23601
    Apr 1987    120C Kennilworth Drive, Newport News, Virginia, 23606