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Week 4, Jack News Clippings

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Here are the newspaper clippings Grissom gives Chris:
Northpod Daily Reporter
page 1 12
December 2484
CONTACT! Jack Patrol Contacts Earth -- Century of Isolation Ended

Yesterday, the main field squad of the Jack Patrol, led by founder Commandant Cantrel filius Cantorus, re-established contact with Earth. Six weeks ago, investigating mysterious network activity reported by the AIs of South End, the squad discovered an alien space ship that had, apparently, been docked for many years. The ship's crew, a hive creature calling itself the Ecclesian, was in hibernation but revived when contacted. After its vessel had been repaired, the Ecclesian delivered word of the Jack to Earth-space. Moments later, thanks to a daring time flight, Earth sent back a diplomatic team, thus ending a century of isolation.

Besides Jack Patrol founder Cantrel, the squad included Dr. Lin Wu of Westpod, Pfusand mbu Mneza og Hwan, Aphron Besilis of Portpod, David Hunter of Eastpod, and Thomas Noon of Northpod. It was only one week ago that the Jack Patrol, under the direction of Prof. Leonis Wickman and with the help of the Ecclesian, expedited the repairs to the Jack that put an end to the quakes and so saved the entire...

New York News
page 2 (hardcopy)
28 November 2484
Lost Colony Found in Chrysaor Psi-War Castaways Surface After 100 Years

Inhabitants of an asteroidal mining station in Delta Chrysaor A were re-united with the rest of Terran Space yesterday, when KaiSenese sources informed United Earth that an ET scout had reported its existence. The Bureau of Interplanetary Affairs immediately dispatched veteran KaiSenese liaison Harriet Gordon, to represent United Earth, the Hegemony, and the KSA to the survivors in the space station. She is expected to arrive 11 December 2484.

The station, called "the Jack" because of its resemblance to a child's playing jack, was established by Centauri Metals as a center for asteroid mining, to serve as an industrial base for the colony Nereus (Delta Chrysaor B 2). Tragically, the infant Nereus colony was destroyed early in the Psi War. All record of the existence of the Jack was lost when the cities of Chiron and Nessus were bombed in the War. Thus, for a century, the inhabitants of the Jack were forced to maintain the space station without outside resources. Recently, a Jack-born Melior, Cantrel filius Cantorus, has founded a safety service called the "Jack Patrol." This organization was able...

New York News
page 4 (hardcopy)
11 December 2484
Gordon Contacts Lost "Jack" Colony Harriet Gordon Finds Refugee Colonists in Crumbling Space Station

KaiSenese Liaison Officer Harriet Gordon today opened diplomatic contact with the hitherto lost space station calling itself "the Jack." This enormous structure, in the asteroid belt of Delta Chrysaor A, was lost to the rest of the Terran community when all contact and record of its existence was destroyed in the Psi War. Gordon, representing United Earth, the KaiSenese Hegemony, and the KSA, established friendly relations with "the Jack Patrol," the space station's security force.

Gordon reports that the station is several kilometers wide and contains six centrifugal environment pods, similar to the older pods of Troy and Illium. In the century of isolation, the Jack's society has fragmented into about eight quasi-feudal territories, and the technical level has sunk to a patchwork mixture of 24th-century and 18th-century. The physical integrity of the station itself is fragile; shortly before Gordon's arrival, vital repairs were made by the Jack Patrol, an organization founded by Jack-born Melior Cantrel filius Cantorus. At the moment, the Jack Patrol is the nearest thing to a government for the space station as a whole.

Harriet Gordon is best known as the rescuer of the Mota Banu. During the Psi War, she served as military liaison on her native Capek, where...

Amsterdam Times
page 1
19 December 2484
Jack Patrol Vanishes Founding Members Missing; Coalition Government Proposed

The founding members of the Jack Patrol have all disappeared while at the height of their fame. Barely two weeks after uniting the governments of the Jack in a vital repair effort under Prof. Leonis Wickman, followed by restoring contact with Terran Space, the primary field squad of the Jack Patrol has vanished tracelessly. Missing are founder and Commandant Cantrel filius Cantorus of Eastpod, Dr. Lin Wu, Naza Pfusand mbu Mneza og Hwan, Teldai Simson, Mario Androucelli of Portpod, David Hunter of Eastpod, Thomas Noon of Northpod, and Aphron Besilis of Westpod.

The families of the missing Patrol members have refused comment. The Ragaij Judges' Guild, the Amsterdam Police, Lord Robert Bruce of Princess Louise's security staff, and Terran Envoy Harriet Gordon confess themselves baffled and are undertaking complete investigations.

"The Jack Patrol is the de facto diplomatic agent for the Jack as a whole," Gordon told reporters. "The remaining members of the Patrol must maintain that diplomatic function for the sake of the entire Jack, at least until we can assemble other agencies to take over." Ms. Gordon suggested Prof. Wickman succeed the missing Cantrel as Acting Commandant.

Gordon also repeated her recommendations that the individual principalities of the Jack set up a Cooperative Council through which to revive the asteroidal mining, refining, and macrometalizing industries, and through which to do business with the rest of Terran Space. "This Council would, I hope, form a coalition government for the Jack," Gordon stated. "Without one, I can see no hope for social or economic recovery or growth in the near future."

Professor Wickman expressed deep distress and anxiety over the disappearance of Cmdt. Cantrel and the Jack Patrol's primary squad....

North American News Hourly
page 42 (hardcopy)
19 December 2484
Lost Colony Heroes Missing

The "Jack," a recently re-contacted space station colony, is missing its heroes. Local police and security officials are puzzled by the disappearance of eight members of the "Jack Patrol," a safety patrol responsible for the physical survival of the space station. It was the Jack Patrol that originally achieved contact with United Earth. The missing members include the founder of the Patrol, Jack-born Melior Commandant Cantrel filius Cantorus. Harriet Gordon, the well-known KaiSenese liaison and Envoy to the Jack for the Hegemony, said, "I don't see how they could have left. No ships have departed since the disappearance. The Jack contains more than forty square kilometers of territory, including two dozen towns, so they could easily still be here. But there are simply no clues to follow." Officer Gordon hopes to employ modern psionic methods as soon as...

Planetary Inquirer
page 1 (hardcopy)
3 January 2485
"Fuzzy Gillingham Hired Me to Have His Clone" Surgo-Mom Gives 10% Off in Return for Neo-Ape's Autograph

Weight-Watchers' Wrath: New Diet Pill Turns You Yellow Lost Colony Heroes Kidnapped by Hyperspace Aliens Celebrity Precogs Accused of Fixing Soccer Match "If they cancel my show, I'll switch myself off," says Jonny Tungsten

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