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We're off to see the Wizard...

Week 1, Getting our Bearings

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When last we left our heroes, we were trying to decide what to do next. Seeking out Rashid is not a good idea yet, since he's after us and time twisted. We decided to go and visit the Black Mage. There is a strong possibility we can get him to make us a Pantope in exchange for giving him a navigational system so he can get out of the 9 planets or 12 worlds or whatever his limitations were.

We have the coordinates to his workroom, so we open a window and take a look. The room is dusty and looks as if several months at least have gone by. We look through the castle more and find it pretty much the same was. But our coordinates say it is only a few hours after we left here.

We think about where we want to show up and pick the town about a long half day from his castle. Luckily we have coin samples and we make money and decided on supplies and make most everything shielded. We take the tent we got here before which is bigger on the inside than the outside and other general gear.

We decide to take the omniport with us after long discussions. It's better to be stranded with it than without. Cantrel takes about a years income from his properties to finance this expedition since this is our own adventure, not for any of the multiple organizations.

After equipping, we head out and land over a hill outside of the town. It turns out some of us transform slightly, as happened before. Cantrel is once again a Hero. Alag is now only slightly invisible and we decide he must be a djinn here. Marsina is much more beautiful (very hard to do) and more eastern looking, rather like a fairy tale eastern princess. She is in sort of disguise, i.e., sort of mannish clothing, but now looks like she's obviously in disguise.

We head into town. The guard at the gate sort of remembers Cantrel from a few days ago. He's somewhat distracted by the "goings on last night." and Alag. We find a tavern and go in and chat up the owner to find out what happened.

Apparently there were amazing things happening at the castle last night--lights and storms and demons and...everything the man can think of to put into the story. Whatever happened is was a doozy. We notice a man in the bar who is wearing a holster and a gun. We talk to him also and don't get much more, since he just got here. We rent rooms and decide to stay here for the night and see if we can't find out more before heading out to the castle.

Created: 24-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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