Eldacur.com is the home of Eldacur Technologies, a high-tech and design consultancy run by Jim Burrows, his family and colleagues. While Jim is the founder and principle consultant at Eldacur Technologies, from time to time a number of engineers, artists and artisans work under its banner, either as sub-contractors or independent consultants.

Users and Guests

If you are here looking for shared documents, presentations, and the like, they can be accessed via the links at the bottom of this page. A bit more detail can be found under the "Users" tab, but in short, the Mail and Calendar will take you to your webmail and calendar pages, assuming that you have an account. Docs will allow you to access your Google apps documents, spreadsheets and presentations or those that have been shared with you, and Sites will give you access to the wiki-like pages hosted on Google sites. Both of these, as a rule also require a valid eldacur.com or Google account.