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Timothy Davison and Deborah Young

Timothy Davison, the son of John Davison and Elizabeth Babcock, was born on Thursday, 14 August 1740 o.s. in North Stonington, New London County, Connecticut and was baptized on Sunday, 9 November 1740 o.s.. He died at the age of 85 on Friday, 14 April 1826 in Nova Scotia.

Timothy Davison (aged about 24) married Deborah Young (aged about 14) in 1765 in Horton, Kings County, Nova Scotia.

Deborah Young was born on Sunday, 6 May 1750 o.s.. She died at the age of about 91 in 1842.

Their children were:

Research Notes:

Timothy may have been born 11 Aug 1740. Timothy and Deborah m. 1765. Deborah
died in 1842.  Deborah could be the sister of Capt. Thomas Young, b. 1735
Salem, MA, who moved to NS with his widowed mother in the late 1700's and
settled at Newport, NS. His father was supposedly Scottish.  Olive died in
1842. John died in 1850. Sarah died 1842. 

[Check for Young of Salem, MA.]

From AHD--
Timothy b. 14 Aug 1740
Deborah Young may be from CT. (IGI lists Daborah b. 21 Dec. 1757, Stanford)
Olive b. 26 or 27 1767. Patrick Shand b. 1745, d. 1825.
John b. 9 Feb 1769 (Falmouth book lists "9 Sept. 1770, F.T.Bk.")
Hannah d. 1868, m. Oliver Fox (Falmouth lists Loren Fox)
Emma Beatrice Burton says Bathsheba "went wildly insane over the death of
her betrothed", others disagree.