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Oliver Davison and Barbara Martin

Oliver Davison, the son of Timothy Davison and Deborah Young, was born on Saturday, 27 March 1779 in Falmouth, Hants County, Nova Scotia. He died at the age of 94 on Tuesday, 3 February 1874 in Pereaux, Kings County, Nova Scotia.

Oliver Davison (aged 24) married Barbara Martin (aged 21) on Sunday, 11 March 1804 in Horton, Kings County, Nova Scotia.

Barbara Martin was born on Tuesday, 25 February 1783 in Falmouth, Hants County, Nova Scotia. She died at the age of 90 on Thursday, 13 November 1873 in Pereaux, Kings County, Nova Scotia.

Their children were:

Research Notes:

Oliver and Barbara married either on 11 Mar 1804 (IGA) or 11 Jun 1804 (Falmouth).
Their first child was born 40 weeks after the March date.
Barabara is said to have been from Falmouth, NS.

Falmouth book--
Capt. Asa m. Emily Ann Michener. Asa b. 24 Jan 1814.
Jane m. Wm. Shaw, no record that Eliza or Elizabeth did.
Lists Eliza and Elizabeth separately.
Robert died 2 Jan. 1912. His son Robert may be this one.
Exmouth d. 7 Feb. 1870.
Harriet m. Robert Wilson and had son Newton

From IGI--
Oliver and Barbara married 11 Mar 1804.
Exmouth b. 1 Oct 1819. (The Falmouth book lists 10 Oct 1819.)
Jane b. 1806 (previously we had 1805), Asa b. 1813, Exmouth b. 1 Oct.
Only Eliza appears with same birthdate as Elizabeth.

[IGI--check Asa m.???]

From AHD--
Oliver died at Gould's home in Pereaux.
Robert died 1878 Hantsport 
Capt. Asa m. Ella Ann Michener. Asa b. 1814.
Eliza m. William Shaw of Mt. Dennison, perhaps Jane m. him earlier.
Exmouth died 17 Feb. 1870. Exmouth b. 1 Oct. (easily miss read in manuscript.)
Harriet m. Newton Wilson.
Robert Coalfleet is reported (by granddaughter) to be son of Peter Coalfleet,
who was so named because he was washed ashore, the sole survivor of the wreck
of a coal ship as a boy, the only word he knew was "Pete."