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Gould Nelson Davison and Matilda Mahala Holmes

Capt. Gould Nelson Davison, the son of Oliver Davison and Barbara Martin, was born on Tuesday, 23 June 1812 in Falmouth, Hants County, Nova Scotia. He died at the age of 75 on Thursday, 22 September 1887 in Hanstport, Hants County, Nova Scotia.

Gould Nelson Davison (aged 23) married Matilda Mahala Holmes (aged 17) on Tuesday, 22 December 1835.

Matilda Mahala Holmes, the daughter of Peleg Holmes and Mary Trefry, was born on Saturday, 12 December 1818 in Central Chebogue, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. She died at the age of 83 on Wednesday, 29 October 1902 in Independence, Missouri (locale uncertain).

Their children were:

Research Notes:

Capt. Jos. Burton from Yarmouth, NS. R. Hantsport, NS, and CA. We have a book "Beatrice Witherspoon" by Emma Beatrice Burton. Andrew was Holmes Johnathon's twin brother. Died in infancy. Sophia Ann 2nd m. 5 Dec 1871 in Medford (Kings), NS to Geo Leander Sanford b. 1839, d. 1883. Eliza J. may have been b. 1845. Harris Mayhew may have been b. 1849, d. 1922. Clara Heustis b. 1864, d. 1931 Gould may have been born 29 Jun 1812, or 23 Jun 1812. He may have died on 22 Aug 1887 (Mrs. Fisher). Matilda may have died on 29 Feb 1902 (Mrs. Fisher) or 29 October 1902 (Falmouth book) or 1900 (Falmouth book). George Nelson may have been born on 27 Nov thus dieing on his birthday. (Mrs. Fisher agrees with 29 Nov).

Tamzan Ardella is the name given by Florence S. Fisher. Thomasine Ardelia is the name given by the Falmouth book. Falmouth book gave no birth date. Tamzie Ardelles b. 17 Mar 1840 in Hantsport (Hants), NS is the IGI listing.

Gould was a Baptist deacon. About 1851 he abbandonded the sea to become a farmer. Seven years later, about 1858, he gave up the farm and went back to the sea. The farm was in Pereaux, Kings county, Nova Scotia.

On Apr 16, 1943 Florence Fisher of Fisher Jr. College wrote a letter to Mrs. Leo Davison with information on Gould and his children. Mrs. Fisher was a grandchild of Gould. She concurs on most of what we have. She said Gould died on 22 Aug 1887. Matilda died some time in Feb 1902. She changed Gould's and Matilda's marriage date from 31 Dec 1899 (after Gould died) to 22 Dec 1835 (two yrs before George was born). She knew that Eliza J. died in Bridgewater, MA; Lucinda E died in Boston; Harris M. died in N.S.; and Ida was still alive in Independence, MO. She says the following...

Gould N. Davison was listed in Hantsport as a "Master Mariner" as also his son Albert. Grandfather farmed in his laterlife and was a Deacon of the Baptist Church. He was a son of Oliver Davison and Barbara Trefry. Oliver was a son of Timothy. Timothy was a son of John. John son of either William or Thomas? Thomas was a son of Daniel, our earliest forbear in New England. He was a soldier under Cromwell. After Cromwell's defeat Daniel with others was banished to America. Here he redeemed himself and married Margaret Law of Ipswich, Mass. His son Thomas married Hannah Tracy or "Trace" also of Ipswich from whom she traced her lineage through Lieut. Thomas Tracey of Tewksbury Gloucestshire England whose lineage goes back 12 generation through "M.P.s" knights sherriffs to King Alfred the Great. Records show they were Pre-Loyalists probably moving in onto the vacant Acadian farms at the invitation of the Government. Families were large in those days so there are many of us tinctured with Davison blood altho not bearing the name.
She is probably confusing Barbara Martin (who married Oliver) with Mary Trefry who married Peleg Holmes and was Matilda's mother. Both Women were Tamzan's (and Holmes's) grandmothers. We have no record of a Barbara Trefry, but Barbara Martin is of unknown parentage and origin.

AHD -- page 1411 has entry for Gould.

According to AHD:

Gould and Matilda moved to Lower Cornwallis, NS -- March 1851