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Holocaust World (North America) Worldbender Simulation.

Week 10, Back to the Pantope

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  1. We reached shore and found our car and robot horses where we left them. We also found the Teldai's body missing from the glove compartment. Noon supposes that some animal must have taken it. In reality, Cantrel disposed of it for fear of being discovered in the possession of the body of a sapient life form.
  2. We were overtaken the first day out by Lorelei, the scholar we rescued from the slavers while rescuing Noon. She already knows we have some of the most advanced technology she's ever seen. This is her field of greatest academic interest, so for this and other reasons -- such as wanderlust -- she is joining the party.
  3. We encountered manhunters from the Gray Sun tribe again. These are the Mary Poppins freaks who want Aphron back because he is their "Banker" (chief). Four of them attacked us by night. We killed two and two wounded, one mortally. We then borrowed the Naza's chameleon circuit and used it to make Aphron look very dead. In the morning, we told the surviving tribesmen that the mortally wounded one had killed Aphron with a lucky shot in the dark, and so was now the banker. Then we left. Since the bankership passes on by murder, we strongly suspect that the healthier tribesman will waste his comrade and go home with the title. And we will be rid of them.
  4. We ran into a family of three giants (each 12 feet tall) in a mountain pass we tried to go through. Each side took massive amounts of damage, but in the end we beat them senseless and scuttled on through. (We tried going back the way we came, but the giants weren't allowing anything so tame.)
So, the party was last seen limping in an eastward direction, toward Kansas, and thence back over the rainbow we came in on.
Created: 24-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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