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Holocaust World (North America) Worldbender Simulation.

Week 9, Fighting our way out

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No sooner had we beaten off the second wave of pirates than a third started down the ramp at us. However, they were mightily impressed by the dead bodies of their fellows littering the ramp. A little verbal bullying from Dr. Wu, combined with some aerial displays from Aphron on the flying belt, made them retreat back up the ramp to the next level. Naturally, the party had no choice but to pursue them, if we wanted to get out.

At the next level, the pirates had arranged a killing field -- as we went passed the step-off for that ramp, we had to sprint past dozens of muskets and flint-locks. The pirates also threw kegs of gunpowder at us, but both times these got hit by the pirates' own bullets and exploded too soon. Still, the killing field cost us Alexa and nearly did in Aphron. We also got separated from the Mother General, who started looting the weapons from our previous kills downstairs and using these to arm the slaves.

We scampered up the ramp. Cantrel killed off two guards at the top, and we all clambered out into the secret room in the citadel where the whole underground adventure started. The Naza was still there, standing guard. We loaded her with the first good piece of loot we could find -- the man-amplifier suit -- and left.

At the door, Cantrel spotted a figure wandering out in the gloaming. He snuck up on it, knocked it senseless, and discovered it was the strange gentleman with the "scenario," whom we suspect of being a customer of the Worldbenders. Cantrel looted him, but the rest of the party does not know that, nor what Cantrel found.

Now to get off this island as fast as possible. It was still night, and there were several ships out in the harbor. Cantrel chose one of convenient size that did not appear occupied, and flew out to it with his belt. Then, still using the belt, he towed the ship around to a small island off the coast, out of view of the others. He discovered that there were three people on board, all asleep, but two of them armed with pistols. He brought Dr. Wu over and they purposed to kill all three.

One died in his sleep. The second woke, saw Cantrel looming over him -- and Cantrel was enveloped in flame. He shot anyway, and the man and the flames died. (The guy had six fingers, we later noticed, and it seems he was a mutant with a wild talent, such as are frequently written into stories about the world after a nuclear holocaust.) The third man was awake by now, yelled "Fire!" and jumped off the boat. They shot him in the water.

This distasteful task complete, the rest of the party struggled on board with the help of the people in flying belts. Then the Naza started rowing.

On the second day out, we passed another pirate vessel headed in. We kept a cautious distance, but saw after it had passed that it carried the Cossack women of whom the late Alexa had been one. Oh, good. Maybe they can help the slaves finish off the pirates.

We arrived at the shore where we left our goods.

Created: 24-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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