This page serves a couple of purposes. The most obvious is to present the first six generations of our family tree in a graphic format. The second is to serve as something of an index to our on-line GEDCOM data, research notes, and related sites.

Each individual entry in the chart is identified with an ancestor number. The root of the tree, our three sons, is numbered 1. Any individual's father's number can be found by doubling their own and each wife's by adding one to the husband's. Thus Jim is #2 and Selma #3 and so on. Men are shown in blue, women in pink. Clicking on one of the two small icons after a person's name will take you to their page on one of the sites where we post or data:

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WC WorldConnect Project
GC GenCircles

Links to GenCircles were disabled for a while due to problems they are having loading our data, but are now being restore (which is taking a while as I have to create the links by hand as they are no lonnger derivable from the same data as the WorldConnect).

The last column in the table contains notes on the 32 families represented in the table. These allow us to give a quick overview of what we know about each family. It also serves as a place for pointers to our on-line research notes, and pointers to family associations web-sites.

Generation Notes
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
GCWC 32. Thomas Burrows Burrows: The Burrows family are of Irish descent. The immigrant is probably Thomas or his father.
GCWC 16. William Henry Burrows
GCWC 33. Martha Lowell Lowell: The Lowells are from New England and are said to be related to the Lowells of Lowell, Massachusetts.
GCWC 8. Lowell Anderson Burrows
GCWC 34. John DeMotte Blue Blue: The Blues are Dutch. The earliest lineage is a bit controversial. There is a Blue Family Association page, and one with my notes.
GCWC 17. Iona Belle Blue
GCWC 35. Nancy Ellen "Ella" Anderson Anderson: The Andersons are Scots. They lived at Anderson's Bottom, Hampshire County, VA, a.k.a. Mineral County, WV. Research Notes.
GCWC 4. James Lowell Burrows
GCWC 36. Joseph C. Stull Stull: We have traced the Stulls back to Macomb County, Michigan. Research Notes.
GCWC 18. Frank Elmer Stull
GCWC 37. Mariett Magary Magary: The Magarys lived in Macomb Co., Michigan and were Irish. Little else is known yet.
GCWC 9. Grace Harriet Stull
GCWC 38. James Chapin Chapin: Grace Chapin Stull died giving birth to her only child. Little is known of her family.
GCWC 19. Grace Elizabeth Chapin
GCWC 39. Imogene Demorris? Demorris: Imogene/Emmogene's family name may have been DeMorris or Morris.
GCWC 2. James Lowell Burrows
GCWC 40. Gould Nelson Davison Davison: The Davisons are Scots. The immigrant was an indentured P.O.W. in Salem. They lived in Nova Scotia from 1750 - 1910.
GCWC 20. Holmes Jonathan Davison
GCWC 41. Matilda Mahala Holmes Holmes: The immigrant Holmes live in Plymouth Colony as early as the 1630's.
GCWC 10. Leo Eldridge Davison
GCWC 42. Thomas Sheridan Sheridan: The Sheridans were Irish, living in Nova Scotia,
GCWC 21. Katherine M. Sheridan
GCWC 43. Lois Clare
GCWC 5. Ann Katherine Davison
GCWC 44. William Budd Trites Trites: The Trites family were Dutch, living first in New Brunswick, then Maine.
GCWC 22. Heman Wilbur Trites
GCWC 45. Elizabeth Foster
GCWC 11. Katherine Emily Trites
GCWC 46. Martin Oliver Hyer Hyer: The Hyers were German. Martin Oliver Hyer did at least three stints in the Union Army and was said to have been a P.O.W. in Libby Prison.
GCWC 23. Katherine Heyer
GCWC 47. Mary Spelman Spellman: The Spellmans are said to have been Ulstermen.
GCWC 1. Brendan Davison Burrows
    Ian Robert Burrows
    Morgan Jameson Burrows
48. Joseph Brown Brown: The Browns are said to be German. This is unconfirmed, but the rest of Robert L. Brown's ancestors are German.
GCWC 24. John Theodore Brown
GCWC 12. Arthur Willis Brown
GCWC 50. Dierich Benter Benter: The Benters were German and lived in the same area as the Tangemans.
GCWC 25. Emilie Marie "Emma" Benter
GCWC 51. Fridarick Shorlotte Elizab. Knollenberg
GCWC 6. Robert Louis Brown
GCWC 52. David Risser Risser: The Rissers were German. Two Risser siblings married Tangemans. Research Notes.
GCWC 26. Louis F. Risser
GCWC 53. Christina Hubach
GCWC 13. Beatrice Helen Risser
GCWC 54. John G. Tangeman Tangeman: The Tangemans were a large German family. Many individuals have similar names. Several people are researching the family.
GCWC 27. Mary Tangeman
GCWC 55. Anna Maria Knullenbach Knullenbach: It's pure speculation, but I have wondered if the Knullenbachs and Knollenbergs (see #51 above) could be related.
GCWC 3. Selma Lavelle Brown
GCWC 56. Lucias Atwater Barnes Barnes: The Barnes and Bomar families intermarried twice. There are several people researching these two families. Barnes is said to be a Welsh name.
GCWC 28. Isaac Carlos Barnes
GCWC 57. Kizziah Dexter
GCWC 14. Joseph Alanso Barnes
GCWC 58. Thomas J. Hutchins
GCWC 29. Mary Elizabeth Hutchins
GCWC 59. Sarah Waining
GCWC 7. Phyllis Lavelle Barnes
GCWC 60. Henry J. Bomar Bomar: The Barnes and Bomar families intermarried twice. There are several people researching these two families.
GCWC 30. John Curtis Bomar
GCWC 61. Mary "Polly" Collins
GCWC 15. Eva Bomar
GCWC 62. Thomas Slater
GCWC 31. Maggie Slater
GCWC 63. Susan Kyle

Jim's mother's family, the Davisons, is the one we've worked on the longest and had the most success with. The following table, which is in the same format as the one above contains the next 6 generations of Davisons.

Generation Notes
7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
GCWC 1280. Daniel Davison Davison: Daniel Davison was probably transported to New England in 1650.
GCWC 640. Thomas Davison
GCWC 2562. Thomas Low Low: The Lows were.
GCWC 1281. Margaret Low
GCWC 2563. Margaret Todd
GCWC 320. John Davison
GCWC 2564. Thomas Tracy Tracy: Lt. Thomas Tracy's ancestry is controversial. There is no reliable evidence of his ancestry. My notes.
GCWC 1282. Jonathan Tracy
GCWC 2565. Mary
GCWC 641. Hannah Tracy
GCWC 2566. Francis Griswold
GCWC 1283. Mary Griswold
GCWC 160. Timothy Davison
GCWC 2568. John Babcock Babcock: The Babcocks lived in the Westerly, RI, Stonington, CT area.
GCWC 1284. (Capt.) James Babcock
GCWC 2569. Mary Lawton
GCWC 642. James Babcock
GCWC 2570. Tobias Saunders
GCWC 1285. Elizabeth Saunders
GCWC 2571. Mary Peckham
GCWC 321. Elizabeth Babcock
GCWC 2572. Robert Vose Vose: Robert Vose came to the Boston area in 1654. The Voses have been a prominent family ever since.
GCWC 1286. Edward Vose
GCWC 2573. Jane Moss
GCWC 643. Sarah Vose
GCWC 2574. Robert Sharpe
GCWC 1287. Abigail Sharp
GCWC 2575. Abigail Wright
GCWC 80. Oliver Davison
GCWC 161. Deborah Young

The other family on Jim's mother's side that we have a lot of information on is the Holmes family. The following table, which is in the same format as the one above contains the next 6 generations of Holmeses.

Generation Notes
7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
WC 2624. John Holmes Holmes: The Holmes family descends from Mr. John Holmes, Messenger of the Plymouth Court.
WC 1312. Nathaniel Holmes
WC 2625. Sarah
WC 656. John Holmes
WC 2626. John Faunce
WC 1313. Mercy Faunce
WC 2627. Patience Morton
WC 328. Peleg Holmes
WC 2628. William Ford jr.
WC 1314. John Ford
WC 2629. Sarah Dingley
WC 657. Mercy Ford
WC 1315. Hannah Unknown
WC 164. Nathaniel Holmes
WC 2632. William Bradford Bradford: William, Sr. was Gov. William Bradford who came over on the Mayflower.
WC 1316. William Bradford
WC 2633. Alice Carpenter
WC 658. Ephraim Bradford
WC 2634. John Wood alias Atwood
WC 1317. Mary Atwood
WC 2635. Sarah Masterson
WC 329. Abigail Bradford
WC 2636. Love Brewster Brewster: Love Brewster was the son of William Brewster, Reverend Elder of the Pilgrim's church at Plymouth.
WC 1318. Wrestling Brewster
WC 2637. Sarah Collier
WC 659. Elizabeth Brewster
WC 1319. Mary Unknown
WC 82. Peleg Holmes
WC 330. Nathaniel Kimball
WC 165. Abigail Kimball
WC 331. Martha Cross

One of the branches of Selma's family we know most about is the Slater/Claypool branch. Maggie Slater was Selma's Great-Grandmother. This table, in the same format as the other two, starts with Maggie's grandfather, Samuel, who traces his roots back to Dutch New York and to one of the founders of Pennsylvania (via a notorious counter-insurgent from the hills of West Virginia).

Generation Notes
7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
WC 1984. John Slater
WC 992. Elias Slater
WC 3970. Nathan Gillett
WC 1985. Abiah Gillett
WC 496. Thomas Slater
WC 3972. Arent Harmans Bussing
WC 1986. Peter Bussing
WC 3973. Susannah Delamater
WC 993. Sarah Bussing
WC 1987. Rebecca Vermilyea
WC 248. William Slater
WC 994. John Williams
WC 497. Sarah Williams
WC 995. Sarah Brower
WC 124. Samuel Slater
WC 3984. James Claypoole Claypoole: James Claypoole was a chart member of the Free Society of Traders who settled Philadelphia.
WC 1992. James Claypool jr
WC 3985. Helena Mercer
WC 996. James Claypool (b. 1701)
WC 1993. Mary Cann
WC 498. John M. Claypool Sr Claypool: John Claypool led "Claypool's Rebellion". My Notes on his grave.
WC 997. Jane
WC 249. Elenor Claypool
WC 499. Rachel Eleanor Scott