Thoughts and Musings, Tales and Myths

Every now and then the Muse takes me and I put one of my many stories or the thoughts that have been haunting me down in black and white. This page is a place to keep these. The exact nature of the stuff that you can find here is determined by what I take it into my head to write. Don't expect to find much rhyme or reason to the selection, though you'll likely find one or the other in the content.

9-11: America Victorious
In this essay I argue that the terrorists are given too much credit in the Sep 11, 2001 attacks.
A Tale of Two Towers
Some reflections on the relationship between 911 and The Lord of The Rings, fantasy and reality.
But are we protecting them?
This essay is my contribution to the "24 Hours of Democracy" project.
Portrait of a Hero
Thoughts about heroism, romance, and reality and the relationship of art and life.
On Love Trust and Commitment
This is something I wrote for my sister's wedding.
On the death of my father
This is the eulogy I read at my father's funeral.
How I came to be called Brons
It's an unusual, nearly unique name, but it does have a history.
Falling for Selma
This is the story of how I met my wife.
The Intermediary
A story of discovery in the Smithsonian.
Revolutionary Communications
This essay explores the historic importance of advances in communications technology.
The Theory of "Trash" as the True Art
An essay on why trashy fiction which I love is better than more "serious" art. (I also have a page giving examples of what I mean by good trash.)
Books I've Enjoyed Lately
A couple years back I planned on periodically reviewing the books I'd been reading recently. I've fallen a bit behind.
Bran and the Fisher King
This page has several Celtic myths I've put down largely from memory. I make no guarantees that I got it all perfectly.
The Adventures of Mlle. Maupin
My own recounting of the life and times of the outrageous cavalier and opera star who would be great trash if she weren't a real person. (I have several pages devoted to her.
A Short History of the Nerd
I love chasing down the origins of words like "kludge" and "nerd". Having found the origins of nerd, I no longer object to being called one. Here's why.