Welcome to Vox Libertas

Vox Libertas is my new blog dedicated to combating what I see as a trend away from the freedom that this country is based on and towards authoritarian rule. In order to get its message the broadest possible readership, I have posted versions of it to several major blogging services and am posting copies here to the web site I have run for more than a dozen years.

Versions of Vox Libertas can currently be found on the following services:

Vox Libertas Postings

You can get to individual Vox Libertas postings on this site in a couple of ways. The most recent ones are listed in the navigation bar (which is on the left side of this page in most page styles), or the complete list is available below.

In Concord - Details

The pictures illustrating the "In Concord" series are all posted on Flikr as a set. There is also a Google-based map showing where each of the pictures were taken.

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Pre-Vox Political Musings

Before I created Vox Libertas, I had written a number of web pages covering political and social issues that are somewhat similar to what I've been writing in my new blog. I've collected the most pertinent ones here.