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The Chaos Marches

Chapter 12, First Skirmish

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We left our heroes on the high edge of the Last Valley, preparing for an imminent attack by six draconian Lilim. As they approach, Robbie carves some Lacrosse sticks out of handy saplings, for better hurling of bombs. Tom and Salimar make the explosives for the bombs, and, with a little help from Fr. Paddy, imagine up several more glass carboys for the bomb housings.

Dafnord gives the goop-gun to Salimar, so she can glue a triggered psilencer to a dragon, to see how well it works. Salimar then takes dragon-shape, turns invisible, and lofts.

Salimar whips up four arrows with her brain-cocktail loaded into them.

Robbie radios a warning to Prof. Cadwallader that two of the Lilim seem to be headed his way.

Fr. Paddy is talked into putting a blessing on some of our bullets, Lilim being something in the demonic line.

We tuck our Solomon's Seals under our shirts, for similar reasons.

We plant a bomb in a nearby copse, intending to lure a dragon into it.

We get word from the Professor -- incoming. And about then we have incoming ourselves.

We trigger the invisibility glamours Tom put on a few minutes earlier, and hide. Tom glamours a Marginalis running into the copse and successfully lures in a wyvern-style dragon. When it's close enough, he yells the trigger-word, "FIRE!"

BOOM. The wyvern goes sailing off.

The wyvern had a partner, a more heavily-built, six-limbed dragon. It zeroes in on Tom, who tries to sneak out of the line of approach. It still seems to notice something. As it approaches, Kate and Katrina let loose with arrows, one of them a brain-cocktail. Dafnord and Robbie lob bombs; it ducks one but not the other. BOOM again. The dragon falls out of the air and onto Kate, crashing onto a tree first.

Tom now realizes that the wyvern is not fallen. It has recovered its control and flown back to us. Meanwhile, Salimar has been tracking another pair -- a wyvern and a man-dragon. She manages to drop the psilencer on this second wyvern and glue it on, apparently without it noticing.

Meanwhile, Robbie and Tom shoot at their wyvern, and Dafnord lobs another bomb at it. Boom again, and it goes tumbling again. It recovers once more, takes several rounds of gunfire from us, and crashes into a tree. It then falls out of the tree and breaks its neck with no further help from us.

Kate crawls and carves her way out from under her dragon's wing, with some assisting gunfire. When it finally dies, it rolls over and reveals that it was roughly impaled on a tree stump. The trees are really rough on these dragons.

We have a very little time to regroup, but Salimar's wyvern is closing in on us. Robbie gets an anxious transmission from Cadwallader -- he is now under attack by two dragons. The remaining Lilite, a man-dragon, has now taken an interest in us and is following the second wyvern our way.

The second wyvern comes diving in on us. It meets a hail of bullets and a VERY well-placed bomb. However, just as it dies, it manages one final fiery breath, toasting Tom.

Fr. Paddy is able to stuff Tom in the autodoc and hit the big, red Omigod button. The autodoc starts with a stiff shot of nerve-blocker, followed by IV, tracheotomy, etc....

We have three dragons left, but the current score is:

Dragons: 0 (not counting Tom)
Good Guys:
    PCs 1
    trees 2

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