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Back at the Ranch...

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Lanthil & Beyond

This adventure occurs simultaneously with the Voyages of the Nones, and chronicles how Tom kept himsef busy while the others were of seeking their fortune and Daewen's unborn son aboard his ship.

Earl was GM'ing the Tuesday -- now Friday -- night game, and so I figured I'd keep my hand in by running a play-by-mail. These logs are a slightly edited version of the mail messages that were exchanged. The lady pictured in the upper right corner of these pages is actually Maeve, a character from the Voyages of Sinbad, and not Braeta, whom we meet in these logs, but she is a large magic-wielding red-head dressed almost correctly, so I figured she made a suitable icon.

As the scene opens, the party has departed in the Nones; Morniesul's timesled has been repaired; and Tom is hanging around the ranch in Ipsylvania on Helene, getting his first rest in ... simply ages. This, of course, cannot be allowed to last. The Household system sets off an alarm...

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