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Mother Goose Chase

A Quiet Ride in the Country

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Mother Goose Chase

Ancient Oz


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Lanthil & Beyond

Having saved the world again — this time it was nearly a million folk of mixed Nephilim, Fey and human blood — our party returns to Lanthil for a bit of much needed rest and relaxation. All that is but Tom, who will be spending a good deal of time repairing his beloved Emerald Metaphor which was twisted and bent (or perhaps more properly twisted and bent) by un grateful dragon folk. Boy that Lilith sure holds a grudge.

In Lanthil, Nick asks Kate and a few of her closest friends to do him the small favor of conveying a birthday gift to an anticipated new born in a world somewhere between Faerie and Earth, and while they are there drop off a treaty with the local rulers. The happy couple are Lord and Lady of Oakley at Aikenyard, subjects of the Prince Marshal and Princess Marshaline of Tighmark.

A pleasant coach ride through The First Summerlands to meet newfound friends and attend the birth of a baby. Just the quiet relaxing change they need.

What could possibly go wrong?

I'm afraid, dear readers, that I cannot even darkly hint at the answer to that and other questions, as for the nonce, I have turned the GM'ing reins over to Earl. Ann Broomhead will be our chronicler. I will merely fade into the background, to pop out in one guise or another as a PC. Join us now as we travel to quaint and scenic Tighmark...

Updated: 7-Oct-06
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