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Image of Maeve from the Sinbad TV show. She looks like Braeta some.  


The Plight of the Nephilim

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Tom Noon's Tale


In Chaos

Voyages of the Nones



Mother Goose Chase

Ancient Oz


Adventures of the Munch

Lanthil & Beyond

This adventure started (in "Meanwhile, back at the ranch...") while Tom was waiting in the ranch on Helene for the rest of the party to rescue Aelwe, Daewen's as yet unborn son. There he was approached by Braeta, one of the Nephilim who was under the mistaken impression that Tom and some of his companions were also Nephilim. Tom and Braeta went to Vinyagarond to consult with Daewen. The rest joined them there (see chapter 26 of the Voyages of the Nones). We rejoin our story, already in progress...
Updated: 7-Oct-06
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