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Lanthil Logs

Chapter 19: Stop The World, I Want To Get On!

by Earl Wajenberg

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Lanthil & Beyond

We return to Lanthil and dock the Pudgie Budgieat the quay we departed from. Dafnord is first off. Kate is about to follow, dragging the omniports after her, when it occurs to us that perhaps carrying the omniports through the streets wouldn't be such a good idea. And besides, we can't wake Tom. So we decide to fly the Pudgie Budgie to the castle.

Dafnord decides against reboarding. With a grin, Kate bets Dafnord that well beat him to the castle. As we take off, we see him racing through the streets towards the gondola station. It's a close race. To our surprise, Dafnord makes it to the door of the castle just before we tie up at Tom's tower. Findreal is suitably impressed and takes the victor off to reward him appropriately.

Kate asks the Castelan for someone to guard the omniports. He says he could afford one or perhaps two of the Silver Service. Kate says that will do or someone who can use a sextantg. The Castelan knows just the fellow, and soon Fallataal and one of the Marginalia are on guard. Kate turns in.

Once Tom is tucked into his bed, Robbie takes off for a visit to Deawen. Arriving at the door of her cottage, he finds he has a problem. How can he knock on the door when his hand passes through the doorframe? After a bit of experimentation, he levitates a handy branch and uses it to knock.

Deawen opens the top half of the door to find a translucent Robbie waiting for her. Robbie relates the tale of our travels and explains how he was separated from yet another body. He asks Deawen for help in learning how to witchwalk. At least enough so that if he slips off the world, he'll be able to return.

Deawen notes that Mirien was right; all of the family witchwalkers are physical, so they have a place to start from. Since Robbie is now incorporeal, he doesn't have a "here". She'll need time to think about this and consult with some of the others.

Robbie thanks her, and then tries to contact Kate telepathically to find out what the rest of the crew is up to, and vanishes.

Updated: 7-Oct-06
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