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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

by Ann Broomhead

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Lanthil & Beyond

(Because our scribe, Earl, will be working very hard on real world things for the next few months, we have decided to start a new adventure, with all new characters, instead of writing out Tom Noon and Gannar, Earl's two PCs.)

The interdict of time travel on Lanthil by Allied Epochs combined with the interdict on connectivity with Lanthil by Faery had many repercussions. One was that Eldacur Technologies had to shut down its Manufacturing plant, and lay off its workers. Another was the stream of the dragons' grey ninjas invading Chaos and Lanthil.

The people of Lanthil held them off for years. After the first year or two, there was an effect dubbed the Cataclysm. It became harder to enter Lanthil or the Summerlands, and the Chaos Marches had become even more chaotic in feel and tone. We eventually learned the cause of this: Alverin. Alverin had met with a returning revenant of high rank in the Chaos Marches, and while they were there, they were attacked by grey ninjas. Thereafter, Alverin induced the Cataclysm to cut off the Summerlands from the grey ninjas.

There was a Convocation of the minor forces of Chaos soon after that, to discuss (1) the grey ninjas and the dragons, and (2) our powerful Allies, such as Alverin. By the end of it, it was agreed that if the Marches were closed to all traffic and became even more chaotic, it might improve the general situation. There was, however, one group not represented at the Convocation who should have been there: the Marginalia. There is to be a second Convocation, at which they will be represented twice over, by the Marginalia of Lanthil, and by those of the Thomist Brotherhood of the abbey of the Valley of Sanctuary, run by Father Paddy.

The Thomists (followers of Tom Noon, not Thomas Aquinas) work to aid those who wish to remain in Chaos, and to escort others out into either the Mundane Realms, or into Avalon, Lanthil, the Dreamtime, etc. To do their chosen work, they require secure trade routes. This fits in well with the Convocation's goal of producing a pact which can keep Chaos present and available, but free of the serpent-kind.

Father Paddy's delegation consists of two of the Brethren of St. Thomas, two Marginalia, a human escort, a young scribe (one of Father Paddy's "geometrically challenged") from Renaissance Europe, and a small Thomist cleric of indeterminate gender and race, wearing a hood and carrying a toolbox.

One of the workers laid off from Eldacur Technologies was Bavör Forothon, a member of the race sometimes referred to as "Santa's elves." He made his way to Lanthil, and worked there as a craftsman in exotic materials. A few years later, he heard about the start of the research projects that were intended to lead to the ships of the Twilight Defense Force, the TDF, and presented himself as a likely worker. He was accepted, and did very well, eventually finding himself working on a prototype, known as Tindomë.

Mandorak Craggenhilt was in a similar situation. He joined to work on the trial of the stone ship. After that ended, he stayed on, working on other projects, culminating in the Tindomë.

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