I love words. They're some of the greatest toys around. They're so flexible and reusable. You can twist them every which way without breaking them, and if you go too far and do break them, no one is likely to get hurt. And there are always new one to learn. Or you can teach old words new tricks. Basically, words are just plain fun. That's why my business cards and have always listed my job title as something like "Thaumaturical Engineer" or "Technomadic thaumaturge".

Of course, I do get asked what the funny words I toss around are, but that can be a part of the fun. Not only do I get to teach people cool words like "arrogate" (both a good word and a useful problem-solving technique: arrogate authority today), but sometimes I find I only have the gist of a word and I have to look it up myself to get it right enough to teach someone else. Then I get to play with another favorite toy, the dictionary, speaking of which, here's the definition, courtesy of the American Heritage Dictionary, of "thaumaturge", in case my business cards leave you drawing a blank.

thaumaturge also thaumaturgist n.
A performer of miracles or magic feats.
[Greek thaumatourgos : thauma, thaumat-, wonder + ergon, work]

Unfortunately, unlike Harry Stubbs, better known as Hal Clement, when I make up a word it doesn't end up in the dictionary, so you won't find "technomad" in the dictionary. As I apply the word to myself, I prefer to derive it from "techno-" and "nomad", rather from "techno" and "mad". I define it to be the laptop empowered, now foot-loose and fancy-free, able to follow our wanderlust. That is to say, nerds with Powerbooks.

So there you have it, by my own label, I'm a "mad wandering high-tech wonder-worker" travelling under the Eldacur banner, part minstrel, part engineer, part charlatan, part consultant, part wizard, part freelance, bemused and pixilated.